The many benefits of upgrading to a new computer monitor

 Looking for a way to kickstart your PC experience? Don’t overlook the monitor. One of the easiest components of your computer to replace, it also delivers a big “bang for the buck” upgrade experience. And that’s not just limited a pretty picture. I’ve put together a list of ways a new monitor can boost your overall PC experience.

Why a 4K computer monitor makes even more sense than a...

Watching movies in 4K is awesome, but great as a 4K TV is, a 4K computer monitor connected to a PC that can drive it at full resolution can be even better.

Asus MX34V 34 inch QHD Curved Monitor Review

A great viewing experience, and features such as Harman Kardon speakers and Qi wireless charging base, make the Asus MX34V a great monitor to consider.

Enter for a chance to win an ASUS 3 Gaming Monitor...

Play at Best Buy is the gaming event this year where you can learn about all of the gaming news, get great deals on new games, and enter amazing contests like this one for an ASUS 3 monitor set up with bezel kit.

Philips 40-inch widescreen 4K Ultra HD monitor review

I spend the majority of most working days researching and writing. But I also have frequent periods where I have the opportunity to put some of the latest high tech gear through its paces. That is one of those “cool” aspects of my job. What people don’t always realize, though, is that this gear usually has to go back, and that can cause severe withdrawal symptoms. Not so cool. Case in point, I just had the opportunity to review a new Philips 40-inch widescreen 4K Ultra HD monitor. This is a beautiful piece of equipment and something that would be a real benefit to me. But it had to go back. While I ponder whether my office budget could be tweaked to support an upgrade like this, here are my thoughts on this behemoth of a computer monitor.

Review: Acer XB270HU Gaming monitor with G-Sync

With gamers spending so much time, money, and attention in fine-tuning the details of their gaming rig, they deserve a monitor that can keep up and really showcase that graphical performance. That monitor is finally here with the Acer XB270HU high performance 27” IPS gaming monitor.

Mini PC, big monitor: why screens keep getting bigger

Computers keep getting smaller, to the point where they can now fit in a hand. A mini PC is great for those of us who appreciate the extra desk space. But the one component every PC needs—the monitor—is showing no signs of getting smaller. In fact, PC displays keep getting larger. The average size of a PC monitor (worldwide) is expected to hit 21-inches this year, while the demand for super-sized displays of 27-inches and up is growing. When everything else about your PC is shrinking, why is display real estate booming?

Review: LG 32GK650G Ultragear Gaming Monitor

If you're looking for a new monitor to enhance your gaming experience big time, you may want to read my review of the LG 32GK650G Gaming Monitor.

ASUS VG248QG 24 inch G-Sync Gaming Monitor review

Enjoy new heights in PC gaming with G-Sync compatibility, GamePlus features, and more in the ASUS VG248 24 Inch Gaming Monitor

Philips 34 Inch Curved Monitor Review

The 34″ Philips UltraWide Curved Monitor offers to bring a large viewable area and a variety of connection options to your home office space. Does this monitor have what it takes to replace your existing dual monitors by outperforming them? 

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