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The BenQ MOBIUZ gaming monitors are designed to give you optimum uninterrupted performance with incredible picture quality so you always have an edge in your most demanding games.

Comparison of 34” Widescreen Monitors – Dell, LG, and Samsung

    If you are like me, you probably never thought of getting a large widescreen monitor, but having tried a couple out my entire perspective has changed. A widescreen monitor is like having two monitors in one, with the added benefit of being able to watch movies or play games with an entirely different experience. Sure, they are pricier than those standard format monitors that most of us have, but these widescreen monitors are a joy to use and can really improve your productivity. If you are in the market for one, here is a comparison of three very good candidates; and if you are not in the market for one you should be soon.

ASUS ProArt 27″ 4K Ultra HD monitor review

Graphics professionals need the colour accuracy of the ASUS ProArt 27" 4K Ultra HD monitor, but any PC user will appreciate its stellar performance.

PC gaming with a three-monitor bezel-free setup

Witness the ultimate in immersive gaming displays with this three-monitor setup complete with the ASUS ROG Bezel-Free Kit.

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Learn, work, and play on the ASUS ProArt 27" UHD monitor this summer to celebrate graduation. Enter for a chance to win and hone your creator skills!

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Gaming monitors can bring your play to a whole new level especially if you have a great ASUS monitor like the one we are giving away in this contest.

Is a new 4K computer monitor the coolest tech gift this...

So many pixels! The future of digital content is going to be broadcast in 4K, and you need the right monitor to see it all. Use this Q & A to help make the jump to 4K.

Review: Samsung CF391 32″ Curved Monitor [Video]

 Curved monitors promise to ease the eye-strain and deliver a more enhanced gaming experience on your PC. Some people are not sure about how well curved monitors actually work, so make sure you read on to find out Syd Bolton’s experience with the Samsung CF391 32″ monitor and watch the included video to help make your own conclusions.

How to set up your PC to work from home


Working from home is an increasingly popular trend. Doing so saves on office space, commute time and many of the expenses of having a team working in a centralized building. It can also be an attractive option for employees. I worked from home on a part-time basis for a decade and switched to full-time over five years ago —I can’t even picture going back to a traditional office. But if you’re going to make this work, you have to take it seriously (it’s not all coffee on the deck and hanging out with the dogs) and your PC is a central component. I’ve put together suggestions on how to set up your PC to work from home.

How to boost gaming and productivity with a multi-display desktop

Find out how to increase productivity, boost gaming, and get the most out of your PC in the office or at home with an ASUS multi-display desktop setup.

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