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A technology nut at heart, I'm always interested in what makes our lives easier and helps us tick day to day. Whether Home Automation, toys, games (board and video) or everything in between, I'm always looking around the corner to see what drives us in today's day and age.

Review of the new wireless SRS speakers from Sony [SRS-X5 and SRS-X7]

New and extremely powerful personal audio systems have arrived at Best Buy.  Now available at the Sony SRS X-5 (pictured at left) and Sony SRS X-7 systems. Both offer you great sounding and powerful audio output options. Which one of these would work best for your needs, however?  Click on to read a review of how both devices work, and which may just suit your needs better.

Fire up the Flames of the Inquisition with this Dragon Age Online Pre-Order bonus!


Dragon Age Inquisition isn’t out until October, but you can suit yourself early with this great online-only Pre-Order bonus.  Pre-Order the game today and get day one access to the special Flames of the Inquisition weapons pack, featuring a powerful arsenal of weapons to help you power through the massive sprawl that’s promised this fall.  Read on to find out more about this offer.

E3 2014 will show off what is new in gaming for the upcoming year


  The yearly Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles ends up being one of the largest gaming playgrounds in the world for 3 days of the year. Developers and media alike congregrate to show the world the latest and greatest in the world of gaming.  Last year, attention centered around the upcoming Microsoft Xbox One and Sony Playstation 4.  They’re out now.  What can we expect this year?  What’s got me excited personally?  Read on to find out.

The NEW Lego Legends of Chima: Foes unite for a greater good


With the newest season of Lego: Legends of Chima underway, Best Buy has brought in the new line of building sets to match. This season, previous foes have now united as friends to save Mount Cavora and its Chi from the Scorpion Tribe. New sets reflect the challenges ahead, as well as bring unique builds to the Lego Universe and add-ons previously unseen.  Come check out some of these new sets.

Review: Hauppauge HD PVR Rocket can record your gameplay anywhere!


Hauppauge has time and again created some of the most versatile personal recording devices, and the HD PVR Rocket aims to do that yet again.  This lightweight yet powerful device allows you to do things some of its competition can’t, such as record with push buttons off the device, record to devices without the use of a PC and even plug in a microphone for realtime commentary recording!  Come check out a review of this helpful device after the jump.

Review: Trials Fusion – Broken Bones have never been more fun


“Welcome to the Future” is how Trials Fusion greets you as you begin another chapter of the world’s most beloved trial bike game.  Featuring over 50 levels of hops, jumps and (for the first time) stunts, Trials Fusion attempts to jumpstart the franchise in an all new way for the future.  But how does this stack up with the last couple games?  I turn to a longtime series fan and prominent member of the Trials community for his input as we review Trials Fusion, now available at your local Best Buy and BestBuy.ca

XBox One vs. Playstation 4 – 5 months later


We’re now a few months past the original release of the XBox One and the Playstation 4. Both are great systems in their own right, but the discussion continues to rage on as to which is the better system.  Rather than focus on things from a technological standpoint, I think it’s just as important to look at some of the places where the systems hit us harder – Our wallets and our personal needs.  Which system do I think gives the best bang for your buck inside and outside the box?  Which is the better bargain?  Where did I actually think neither were doing a great service to gamers?  Read on to find out.

Pre-Order EA Sports UFC online and get Bruce Lee!


EA recently announced Bruce Lee would be an unlockable character in their upcoming UFC game this June. However, in order to get him, you’ll have to take the road less traveled and beat career mode on Pro.   There’s a much easier way if you’d like to spare the time and get him right away.  Pre-Order EA Sports UFC online at BestBuy.ca and you’ll get Day One access to one of the 20th century’s greatest Martial Artists!

Pre-Order The Crew LE and get some Big Game bonuses


This fall, you can join “The Crew,” Ubisoft’s touted genre-defining title.  Part racing, part adventure and part role-playing, The Crew will be an always online jaunt through a recreated United States. Featuring around 5000 Square Miles of terrain, the Crew will have you racing from Los Angeles to New York and back again in some pretty tight and tense situations.  Featuring tons of licensed vehicles, this is a game so big that only the next gen consoles could fit them.  Now, with the game coming this fall, Ubisoft offers a pre-order bonus with the Limited Edition that will give you a head start on the rest of the world. Click below to check it out.

Review: Disney Magical World [Nintendo 3DS] What if you could live in the Disney Universe?


When I was a child, I wanted to be a dentist despite the fact that I hated going to one. A friend of mine wanted to be a fire truck. Not a fire fighter. The truck. Something just about all of us wanted to do at one point or another, however, was go live at Disneyland, Disney World or somewhere in the world of Disneyana. We’ve since grown up and realized this isn’t actually possible, however, Disney Magical World aims to take our old dreams and ambitions and turn them into something. Disney Magical World answers the question of what life might look like if you DID, in fact, live with your friends and favorite Disney characters in the town of Castleton. Is it the stuff of dreams, or a huge nightmare?  Come take a look at this unique title.