When EA Sports UFC releases on June 17th, it comes with a lot of pressure and a huge lead-in. Fans are curious as to how it will succeed the fantastic UFC Undisputed 3 title THQ developed as one of their swan songs. It will be the first to feature the flyweights and the women of the UFC. It will be the first UFC title on the Ignite engine, and it will come featuring one of the greatest martial artists of our time: Bruce Lee.

UFC President Dana White and lead play by play man Mike Goldberg have been quick to call Lee “The Father of Mixed Martial Arts” for blending numerous types of Martial Arts simultaneously into his films and performances. Lee tragically passed away in 1973, a full 20 years before the Ultimate Fighting Championship debuted. However, his influence on Martial Arts fusion has never been forgotten, and if possible, that legend has even grown in past years. While Lee wasn’t the first to fuse numerous martial arts together in a blended style, his style may be the most prolific and most well lauded in most parts of the world.

EA now brings Lee into the UFC gaming fold, allowing gamers to envision what life may have been like if he could compete inside the Octagon.  Could Lee have realistically competed in the UFC at any point?  We’ll never know. He would have been 53 at the time of the first event, which wouldn’t make it far fetched considering Lee’s fellow prolific martial artist Ron Van Clief participated at UFC 4 at age 52, and former UFC Heavyweight Champion Maurice Smith is still semi-active today at age 53.

He won’t be available right off the bat, however. In order to unlock him naturally, you’ll need to beat career mode on Pro. But there’s one way you can save yourself the time and get him straight away.  Pre-Order your copy of EA Sports UFC online today for Playstation 4 or XBox One and get Day One access to him.  Lee will be available in the 4 lowest weight classes (Flyweight, Bantamweight, Featherweight and Lightweight.)  Want to match him up against the speed of current Flyweight Champion Demetrious Johnson, or the crafty nature of Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo Jr?  Now’s your chance.

Fusing a figurehead like Bruce Lee into the realm of Mixed Martial Arts like this isn’t lost on current UFC fighters and the attention it’s getting everywhere for everybody involved.

“Games in general allow you to reach a different audience than just fight fans” said current UFC Lightweight Isaac Vallie-Flagg, who fights former PRIDE Lightweight champion Takanori Gomi at UFC 172 on April 26th. “It just kind of gets your name out there a little bit more.  Bruce Lee is one of those original standout martial artists.  When you picture martial arts, you picture Bruce Lee.  Having him in the game brings more mainstream attention to all of this, and the fighters, you know?  He’s a guy who changed the way they trained (back then) and trained in different facets so it’s cool to have him in the game.”

Now it’s your turn to bring Lee home through this special pre-order bonus. Once again, this pre-order is only available online at BestBuy.ca.  You must pre-order through one of these links below:

Pre-Order EA Sports UFC for the Playstation 4

Pre-Order EA Sports UFC for the XBox One

Once you have, sit back and get ready for Tuesday, June 17th when EA Sports UFC arrives at your doorstep ready for every pulse-pounding kick, heart-stopping submission and jaw dropping knockout in a way that only the next gen consoles can provide it to you.



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