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Monster Blaster 3.0 portable boombox speaker review

The Monster Blaster 3.0 is a reimagined portable boombox with big sound, and it's perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Fuse Vert vertical turntable review

As a beginner turntable, a conversation piece, a display model for your favourite picture disc or coloured variant, the Fuse Vert vertical turntable provides a whimsical, space-saving solution for playing back records.

4 options for the best summer sound

Looking for the best summer sound? Here are 4 options to enjoy whether you're relaxing on beach, going for a run, or throwing an epic party.

Should you get a Bluetooth speaker or a smart speaker?

There are a lot of speakers to choose from. This guide helps you first choose between a Bluetooth speaker and a Smart Speaker.

Portable speakers for the holidays

Portable speakers let you take holiday music with you. Here's a selection of portable speakers for all your holiday gatherings.

Explaining the IP rating system for dust and water resistance

The IP Rating of any device can tell you a lot. This guide tells you everything you need to know about IP ratings, and why they matter.

Enter for a chance to win the Sony SRS-XE200, SRS-XE300, or...

Sony's SRS-XE200, SRS-XE300, or SRS-XG300 speakers are extremely portable and deliver powerful sound. Enter for a chance to win one!

Magnat Symbol X 160 and X 130 speakers review

Wired speakers still have a time and place. The Magnat Symbol X 160 and 130 are versatile speakers for indoor and outdoor use.

Sony XE200 and XE300 portable Bluetooth speakers review

Sony debuts its new Line-Shape Diffuser technology with the release of the XE200 and XE300 portable Bluetooth speakers. Does it meet expectations?

Raycon The Fitness speaker review

If you want to exercise to music without headphones, the Raycon Fitness sports a waterproof design and rugged build for outdoor group workouts and more.