2014 is set to be a banner year for Ubisoft, and one of the titles driving them (pun intended) toward this finish line is The Crew.  Slated for release this fall, The Crew is set to be one of the biggest open-environment racing games in the history of the genre.  We already know that it’s going take approximately 90 minutes to drive from one end of the map to the other (a stylized United States,) and will look to blend elements of multiple gaming-genres into its makeup. You will see blends of standard racing, role playing and adventure into a mashup that looks to revolutionize racing games in general. In all, expect a coast to coast sprawl of over 5,000 square miles in this always-online title.

Release Date: Fall 2014

Rating: Pending

Consoles: PC, Playstation 4, XBox One

A good sized single player campaign will put you behind the wheel of exotic racers bent on infiltrating criminal syndicates, and expansive multiplayer modes will have you encountering friend and foes left and right with little to no delay.  Best of all, Ubisoft intends on making this game constant. There are no loading screens, and no pauses. You have full access to the entire map after the prologue. Just remember – You will never be alone. You will never drive alone.

Where will you fit into The Crew?  Ubisoft wants to know, and wants you to get in on the action early before the game releases this fall.  Pre-Order your Limited Edition copy of The Crew today, and receive some huge in-game bonuses to help you hit the pavement flying while supplies last.


The Crew will come with a huge selection of customizable real licensed cars from many of your favourite manufacturers worldwide.  Pre-Ordering that early Limited Edition gives you Day One early unlock access to the following:


Dodge Ram SRT 10

Mini Cooper S

10,000 bonus Crew Credits

Each vehicle will also come with their own special set of performance and fine tuning parts to get you used to just how much you can put into each of your vehicles in this game.  Please refer to the graphic below for more information.

The Crew will focus on some of the major roads and pathways of the United States, winding you through some of the country’s most active and colorful places. You will be asked to think on your feet, and create a stable of your own vehicles, and capable crew members (other online players) in order to tackle the challenges that await.  Whether it’s outrunning cops on the LA Freeway, or tackling a heist in through the less populated highways of rural America, you are the painter and the entire country is your canvas. Your brushes are the very vehicles you’ll have to trust to take you to success. Will you trick out your car for fast urban sprawls only to find out your chases take you into the mountains and you get stuck? Or will you power up a pickup truck to take you through the rough terrain only to find out you can’t outrun the cops in the middle of a city?  Choose wisely, and never overlook any possibilities at the risk of failure.

Who will you have in your Crew?  Pre-Order now, and we’ll see you cruising around this fall.

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