The next chapter in the glorious Dragon Age saga comes out this fall, and it’s now your change to take advantage of an online pre-order bonus!

Pre-Order Dragon Age: Inquisition online today and get set up with the “Flames of the Inquisition” weapons pack.  Numerous weapons end up at your fingertips ready to singe your opposition with the push of a button.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is a huge step forward for the franchise, and sets you into a vibrant limited open world using the power of the Frostbite 3 Engine (Battlefield 4, Need for Speed: Rivals.) The world is completely changeable, meaning your actions and resulting consequences now mean more than ever. It’s also Bioware’s first foray into the next gen market, and they’re trying to set the bar as high as possible for this first showing.

One of the most interesting things that Dragon Age: Inquisition will do is keep track of how you hunt and farm certain areas.  We’ve become used to farming and grinding areas in RPGs for the purpose of item and XP generation. Inquisition takes things to a new extreme. No longer can you keep going “back to the well” numerous times. Significantly killing off the population of animals, or over-foraging an area of its goods will have drastic impacts on the landscape and wellbeing of the area.  When’s the last time an RPG held you to those rules?

If you’re concerned about this, or the size of the map at all, don’t be. The game takes place in the continent of Thedas this time around, and will span numerous landscapes within. It’s been estimated that the overall playing field will be more than 5x the size of the first game. Needless to say, there will be plenty of areas for you to forage and plunder without endangering one landscape.  Your world is pretty customizable as well. You’ll have the ability to change the location of your strongholds and outposts as you see fit.

The “open world” concept isn’t quite what you see out of games like, say, the Elder Scrolls series or Grand Theft Auto. It’s more that the areas within the respective play fields will be larger and much broader.  Still, it will bring a new wrinkle to the Dragon Age family not yet seen. Retooled as well is the combat system, requiring a little bit more strategic input from you and your party rather than repetition or reflex action.  As with previous installments, your character (“The Inquisitor”) can be one of numerous races and you can settle him into one of many classes.  

Now it’s just time to choose which console you would like the game for.  The Pre-Order bonus is the same on all consoles.  What’s the difference between the PS3/XBox 360 and PS4/XBox One versions?  Besides the obvious presentation and graphic differences, you can expect a lot more mayhem on the next gens. Howso? With better processing power, you can expect more going on with the environment, and more enemies on screen with a different AI system. It’s not going to be the difference between, say, King’s Quest V on the NES and PC from 20 years ago where the differences are night and day, but consider those next gen versions if you have the consoles for them.

Once again, a reminder that this bonus is only available through your pre-orders online at BestBuy.ca.  You can pre-order Dragon Age: Inquisition for the various consoles at the link below:

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Dragon Age: Inquisition releases officially on October 7th.  Are you ready to set yourself up with the Flames of the Inquisition?

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