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During a special livestream event developer Techland Games revealed new details around the hotly anticipated Dying Light 2 Stay Human. The last gameplay demo we saw was during E3 2019, then the game went quiet with COVID-related delays. At the time, the demo showed players how in-game decisions changed the story and environment. Fast forward to 2021 and player decisions still have a big impact on the story and settings in this survival horror action experience.

Dying Light 2 CombatDying Light 2 Stay Human Details

Platform(s): PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X and PC
Developer(s): Techland
Publisher(s): Techland
Genre: Action role-playing, survival horror
ESRB Rating: Pending

Dying Light 2 ArchitectureThe modern dark ages

As Aiden Caldwell, an infected human survivor, you become a powerful weapon and ally to survivors. The human race has been pushed to the brink, civilization has crumbled falling back into the dark ages.

The architecture you’ll experience is a mix of modern structures, medieval-style dwellings and farmland. This diverse environment looks to provide new verticality as you explore and try to survive.

You’ll be fighting against the infected horde in an area called “The City” one of the last strongholds for humankind. Players need to stay in the light and traverse rooftops to keep safe. In the dark the infected lurk, waiting for you to make one wrong move. Venturing out at night is risky but comes with the rewards of resources and more powerful weapons. As you move around The City you’ll discover different paths, multiple levels and hidden locations.

Dying Light 2 FateForge your own fate

As you continue to explore the decaying metropolis, three human factions battle each other for control. You hang in the balance, making choices that will reshape the narrative and impact the larger community. It’s up to you to support settlements scattered throughout out a ravaged landscape. This will come with many tough decisions like funnelling water or electricity to one faction over another. These choices come with benefits and consequences depending on how you align yourself. As you pledge your allegiance to various factions exclusive perks and weapons unlock. You’ll be locked into “no win” decisions that will have a big impact on how the ending of the game plays out.

Techland Games looks to add a new level of environmental interactively and storytelling with Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Stay tuned to Best Buy Blog for more news as it breaks!

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  1. I need to finally return and finish the original game. It’s probably the best zombie title I’ve ever played, but it’s long, challenging, and very time-consuming.

  2. I skipped over Dying Light when it first came out – could be because it looked too similar in gameplay to Dead Island to me for some reason.

    I’m excited about what I’ve seen and read about Dying Light 2 though. I don’t remember the parkour being that immersive in the first one.

  3. I already preordered this game , now all I need is a ps5 console and take this amazing horror/zombie game to the next level.

  4. I think it is cool that Techland is outright stating that your decisions will directly impact the ending to the game; I hope that turns out to be true. I feel like a lot of companies try to market their games with this type of language, but the majority of the time it ends up being very surface-level and players are disappointed because no matter what you do, you get the same ending with a very slight twist. The “no win” decisions make me kind of nervous that they are going to force you into ridiculous situations where you feel like you are being cheated out of something for the sake of it, so hopefully they create a proper context for these circumstances to take place.

    Based on what I’ve read, I think the environmental interactivity is the most interesting part. Learning how to manipulate your surrounding to your advantage in terms of combat and traversal in the most optimal way presents an interesting challenge in comparison to other games, generally. I also really like the diversity of environments Techland has created. Modern and medieval buildings will help to keep things fresh by depicting massive contrasts in how you interact with indoor areas as well as a large change in tone and feel.

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