Why a PC backup plan should be your New Year resolution

Don't lose your important data in 2018! I'll show you why a PC backup plan should be your New Year resolution.

Storage solutions buying guide

Storage is something that’s often taken for granted, yet it can have huge implications in terms of performance and usability of your devices.

Choose the right flash drive for school and for sharing

USB flash drives make sharing big files at school or at work easier than ever, but not every drive is created equal. You need to pick the right tool for the right job, and here are some tips to help make that decision.

Protect your schoolwork with the right backup harddrive

External hard drives are increasingly getting smaller and lighter while offering larger capacities and faster performance. External drives are ideal for protecting schoolwork and backing-up files and projects.

Why does my computer take so long to boot-up?

   Is your computer crawling along at a snail’s pace when you boot it up? Avoid the aggravation, save yourself some time, and try these tips to bring your machine back up to speed.

Make your computer kid-friendly for the summer

 School is out and the kids are home! Here are a few things to think about as you get your computer and your kids ready to handle the summertime computing fun.

WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra review

 As you build an impressive collection of movies, music and photos, digital storage space becomes a priority. Does the WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra NAS provide enough room for your current needs, and enough expansion space for your 4K video future? What about ease of configuration and use? 

When do you need a really big SD memory card?

   Chances are you have a handful of SD and microSD memory cards kicking around in a drawer or installed in a variety of devices. And chances are they’re pretty low capacity, like 4GB or maybe 16GB. That was plenty of storage a few years ago, but now? Not so much. High capacity SD cards like Lexar’s new 200GB microSD card are becoming much more common. But when do you actually need a really big SD memory card?

How to switch to an SSD to boost the performance of...

 Does your laptop seem a little sluggish? Replacing its hard drive with a solid state drive (SSD) is a big performance win. Even better, the procedure takes just minutes and just about anyone can do it. Here’s how.

How to boost your computer’s performance with a solid state drive...

Is your computer or laptop feeling a little sluggish lately? One of the best upgrades available for adding a whole new level of performance to a PC is to replace its hard drive with a solid state drive. SSD capacities continue to increase even as prices fall, so adding new life to your older PC is easier than ever.

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