Best office chairs and furniture for comfort and productivity

You spend a significant amount of your day working in your office. Your office space has a profound effect on your overall quality of life, in terms of your physical comfort and health. And that’s why you need to put some thought into what office furniture will work best for you. Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the best office chairs and furniture for comfort and productivity.

What are office ergonomics?

You’ll see a lot of references to ergonomic design when you’re shopping for office furnishings. Simply put, ergonomic design focuses on making you as efficient and safe as possible. So you’ll see office chair designs that improve your lower back comfort, as an example. But keep in mind that the typical human body type used to set the ergonomic standards may not match your own body, so adjustability is a key feature.

What’s the right look for your office?

You can find furniture that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Like any design choice, take some time before you shop to decide on a look for your office. More than any one piece, it’s the integration between them all that will make your office a visually stunning place to work.

Do I need an easy to move office chair?

Your workspace is much more than a desk. From your desk to the printer to the filing cabinet and back, a wheeled chair can make it easy to move between each area. But if you’re the type of person who needs a stationary chair, a wheeled office chair won’t work for you.

Is affordability a priority?

A big part of any successful business is getting the most value for money spent. And this includes how much you spend on your office furniture. Keep your basic needs in mind and put the secondary features like appearance to the back of the list. But remember: You shouldn’t compromise your physical comfort and health to save a few dollars.

What about chair material?

You should not eat your lunch at your desk. I know that, but I do it anyway. And when I inevitably drop food onto the chair, I’m reminded why. By choosing an easy to clean material for your office chair, you’ll save yourself the effort of scrubbing the jam stains off the chair seat. And if your home office has the occasional cat visitor, a leather chair may quickly become covered in scratches and tears. So the best material for your office is a balance between durability, feel and look.

Sitting or standing?

Your desk choice will be shaped by the answer to this question. Standing desks became very popular in the last few years, and for some folks it improves their physical comfort. On the other hand, being on your feet for most of the day has its own physical costs.

Is your office space dedicated or shared?

If you’re working from home, your office may also be a guest bedroom when the occasion calls for it. In that case, look for an office desk that is easy to move and has a small footprint. And with an office chair on wheels, you can quickly move your office furniture and reconfigure the room.

Best office chairs and furniture for comfort and productivity in 2021

Like furnishing any room, picking the right furniture for your office depends on your personal priorities and taste more than anything else. You’ll make the best choice when you know what’s important for you and what features are less important. So invest some time in planning your layout before shopping, and know what you’re looking for.

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