Everything you need to know about setting up the best home...

After a year of working at home, your office could use a refresh. Here's how to refresh your home office, with tips to make you more productive too.

How to set up successful remote offices easily for your employees

It's easy for employers to set up remote offices with Best Buy’s Home Offices Program. We take care of everything, from employee communication to product to delivery.

How to set up a productive and comfortable small office space

Working at your dining room table isn't a viable solution for someone working at home long term, so setting up a small office space at home is a great idea.

Office supplies everyone needs to own

With all of the office supplies available on Best Buy, it's easy to set up an office, store-front, or just a space in your home where you need to work.

Status Collection premium office furniture now at Best Buy

High quality or high value? When you select a piece of office furniture from Best Buy’s exclusive new Status collection, you don’t have to choose!

Tips to building a beautiful, organized home office

Creating a welcoming and organized home office makes working from home and doing homework more inviting for yourself and your family. Read on for some tips on how you can put together a warm, functional and inviting space for the whole family.

Why Gaming Chairs Aren’t Just for Gaming

If you've ever wondered 'What's the point of gaming chairs?' (particularly if you're not into gaming yourself), then today's blog is most certainly for you! These comfortable and versatile chairs are not merely for those that love gaming—there's so much more to them than that. So, if you'd like a few suggestions for how to make the most of this popular genre of chair, click through and keep reading.

Best desks for students

Back to school is right around the corner, so by now you’ve probably either picked up all the essentials or are planning on doing so very soon. Maybe you got a new backpack, some new binders and notepads, and pens and pencils galore. That’s all great, but if you don’t have a decent surface to work on, you’ll likely be studying while cross-legged on the floor. So here are eight desk options that will help you make this year the most productive yet.

Top 5 Chairs for Studying

It's time to sit back and enjoy an informative look at the top 5 chairs for studying in absolute comfort this school year. Each of the chairs I consider today combine style, comfort, & durability—for the ultimate studying (or working) experience.

10 traditional school supplies you still need in 2016

 As much as we think that we must be in a fully digital age, you can’t help but realize that there are still some fairly “old school” things you need to get you through school. It’s nice that we can attend classes and look at itineraries on phones, laptops and tablets these days but you have to remember that the amount of help they can give you is limited to battery life and storage space. Check out this list of 10 traditional school supplies you’ll still need to carry with you in 2016.

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