Being ahead of the curve in fashion is a lot like being ahead of the curve in tech. Trends and technologies change rapidly, and staying current often means staying just a little bit further ahead than everyone else. As each new fashion trend arises, trendsetters are the ones who are already wearing it around and living in it.

If style doesn’t come quite as naturally to you yet, here are a few products and articles that’ll help you stay on the cutting edge of fashion, too.

Smartwatches from Fossil and Michael Kors

Wristwatches are getting a high-tech update this year, with glamorous fashion bands being paired with smartwatch technology. Choosing a smartwatch that’s made by a fashion brand means that you get the best of both worlds: smart functionality and usability alongside stylish, almost jewelry-like watch bracelets. And also checkout fashionable fitness trackers from Kate Spade, Garmin, Withings and more.

Gifts for the trendsetter: Do-it-all purses

My style icon and fashion bae (I am definitely too old to use that word; I take it back) is Amy McKissock, and I’m still completely obsessed with her Vince Camuto review from earlier this fall. As far as I’m concerned, Amy can set all the trends–I would wear literally whatever she told me to, because I know I’d look amazing in each and every little thing.

Travel to where the trends are

The biggest trends of each season usually start in fashion capitals like New York, Shanghai, and Paris. Instead of spending your time on a hot beach or snowy cliff, why not plan your next getaway to somewhere full of inspiration? This big, bright luggage set from American Tourister comes in different colours each season, depending on what’s currently in style.

Stylish watch and handbag pairings 

Nothing styles better with a great watch than a great handbag (and vice versa). Luckily, my fellow Plug-in Blog blogger Sunny has you covered on both fronts with her reviews of Bulova watches. Her elegant, effortless style is totally worth of “trend setter” status, and if you’re struggling to define your own personal style, taking inspiration from Sunny’s aesthetic is a great place to start!

 Gifts for the trendsetter: Diamonds

Trends may change, but diamonds are a classic. They pair beautifully with looks throughout the ages, and they’re easy to gift as long as you keep an eye on the recipient’s style. Trendsetters are great at knowing what they like, so buy pieces that are similar to what they already wear: for instance, these sterling silver hoops pictured at left are the perfect gift for someone who already likes silver earrings with no drop!

Stay ahead of the trends in a creative space

If you know someone for whom style is really important, you’ll notice that their style at home is very defined, too. It’s hard to live in a white box if staying current is a big part of who you are, and even in a space as small as a dorm, a few key accent pieces will help customize your creative space.

Gifts for the trendsetter: Keep a birds eye view

Need more gift inspiration? Trendsetting is about more than fashion, and there’s nothing trendier right now than drones. Someone who knows how to stay ahead of the times can certainly figure out a great use for a drone, whether it’s exploring their favourite part of the city from an aerial view or getting that perfect outfit of the day photo.
Rae Chen
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