Smart Home System Series – Works with Nest

Smart Homes are becoming easier than ever to set up, thanks to the different platforms available that allow all your connected devices to work and communicate together. In previous blogs of this Smart Home System Series, I looked at other home automation frameworks, such as Apple HomeKit and Z-Wave. In this edition, I’ll tell you all about Google’s smart home tech, and what Works with Nest.

New Belkin WeMo Smart Switches coming to Best Buy

Are you looking for the latest in Smart Home tech and gadgets? The best place to check out those new devices right now is, of course, at the 2017 CES in Las Vegas, and I’ve got the scoop on two new Belkin WeMo Smart Switches that’ve been added to the company’s growing Smart Home lineup.

Smart Plugs Make Holiday-Enhancing Stocking Stuffers

Smart plugs are compact, convenient, and they make great stocking stuffers. They can power your decorations before Christmas, and serve you long afterwards.

Happy voice-activated holidays using Google Home

Let me help take some of the load off you this year with my tips on how to have happy voice-activated holidays using Google Home.

What technology can I control with my voice?

Voice controlled technology is all the rage. That's because it's easy and convenient. Here's what you need to know before you buy a voice controlled device.

Smarten Up Series: Control Door Locks Like a Jedi

In the first installment of the “Smarten Up” series, we discuss the idea of using smart locks to your advantage. We take a specific look at the August Smart Lock and its accompanying products. Bringing home the ability to open your locks without fumbling for keys and providing guests with access to your home without having to worry about cutting keys are convenience that you can offer while making it all look like a Jedi mind trick.

What Works with Alexa? Find out Here!

Have you ever wondered what works with Alexa? If you've been thinking of venturing into the world of smart home ecosystems but don't know one gadget from another, today we explore Alexa.

12 days of Christmas gifts: day 6 is Nest

Ho, Ho, holy, it’s almost Christmas Eve! Today on the 6th Day of Christmas gifts we’re looking at how you can have a smart home for the holidays by giving the gift of Nest.

Choosing Smarthome Products: Surveillance and Home Monitoring

Home monitoring and surveillance is not just for the rich or nefarious.  Sure, we all have that house on our block that’s tricked out with half a dozen cameras and tripwires (despite their being an aging Datsun in the driveway), but find out why real people have a real need for home monitoring.

Kickstart your home with a smart tech makeover

Post-CES 2015, we have a lot to absorb about what we can do to our homes. Smarthome gadgets are coming out at a rapid pace, and with many manufacturers now working together to allow you run their devices on the same apps, it’s good to get in tune with just how you can turn your every day home into a smart one.

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