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January 1st is the day when the year starts again, but I feel like Easter is the kick-off to the real new year. Spring has finally begun, the grass starts growing, and a wave of green replaces all the brown left by winter. It’s a new start, and that’s why it’s the best time of year to refresh your tech with a few key devices.

Refresh your tech and kick spring off the right way

Spring might make you want to paint a wall or two, but that’s a big project that can take some time. You can refresh your tech this spring in no time at all, and it will give you the same fresh start feelings.

Update your smartphone case

spring refresh cell phone case

Refreshing your technology can be simple. Case in point? You can make an old phone look brand new again when you add a new cell phone case. I always like to switch up a winter case for a spring case, essentially swapping warm winter plaids for spring florals or a bright colour. It’s a little thing, but I have my phone with me everywhere I go, so it’s a good spring mood booster. It’s also a simple and fun addition to an Easter basket.

Upgrade your smart cameras


Spring is a great time to get out in your yard, set up your patio furniture, dust off your BBQ, and get ready to enjoy the great outdoors. The only problem? Thieves look forward to spring too. That’s because placing your patio furniture and other outdoor accessories outside means they have something easy to grab and run off with. The good news is that this is an easy problem to solve, and all you need to do is refresh your smart home tech and you can keep an eye on everything outside and in.

When you refresh your tech in the spring, you should consider refreshing your smart cameras too. If you already have smart cameras in your yard, consider moving them and pointing them at a new angle for maximum coverage. You should also check and see if there is an update to give you access to new features.

If you don’t have smart cameras, spring is the perfect time to pick a few up. You can choose wire-free cameras that run on rechargeable batteries, plug-in cameras to keep you up and running 24/7, and cameras with amazing features like facial recognition or motion tracking. Or, Easter might be the best time for you to invest in a smart doorbell or Wi-Fi door lock to keep track of who is coming and going at your house.

Easter is the time to add to your smart home  

spring refresh your tech

If you love smart home devices the way I love smart home devices, you understand how adding one new device can change the whole dynamic of your existing smart home. Easter is the perfect time to add a new device, so why not bring home something like that smart display you’ve been eyeing for a while? I added one to my kitchen, and it’s changed the way I cook. Or, choose a smart thermostat to control your heat pump for efficient air conditioning this summer, a smart garbage can so you can dump trash hands-free, or a few smart lights to add light to your home or landscape.

Easter is a time of renewal, and because our tech devices are such a big part of our lives, it’s a great time to refresh your tech too. Check out all of the smart home and cellphone tech on Best Buy right now, and start working your way through your must-refresh list for spring.

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