A cavalcade of lights

Imagine an LED lightstrip mounted onto the back of your TV that shines and pulses to match the scenery and action playing on the screen in front of you. That’s the beauty of the Philips Hue Gradient. Light flows off the strip, flooding the wall behind the TV with multiple colours all at once. When you have the Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box and a Hue Bridge (sold separately), you have everything you need for this amazing lighting experience.

Philips made it for TVs from 55-inches and up, and it’s an easy do-it-yourself setup. It’s a game-changing technology for Hue, capturing what’s onscreen in real-time to match colours. The surround lighting effect is dramatic, turning your living room into a theatre unlike any other you’ve been to.

Made for your big TV

You can easily install Philips’ Hue Play gradient lightstrip to the back of your TV, whether it’s standing or wall-mounted. Attach the special mounts to the anchor the lightstrip in place as you wrap it around to cover the top and sides of your TV.

It comes in three sizes for your big TV. The 55-inch lightstrip can fit TVs as big as 60-inches. Get the 65-inch lightstrip for 65-to-70-inch models. Take the 75-inch lightstrip for any TV from 75-inches or larger.

If your TV’s screen size lies somewhere in between those numbers, you can still use this by going with the next size down. That means Philips covers the most popular sizes available, and it doesn’t matter how old your TV happens to be.

A colourful blend splashing your wall

The Hue Play gradient lightstrip takes the best of Philips’ smart lighting platform and brings it to life. The multicolour LED strip has different lighting zones that can act independently to beam a mix of colours all at once.

When you connect it with the Hue Play Sync Box, it becomes dynamic, shifting colours based on what happens onscreen. The LEDs dim, brighten and change as fast as they need to, making every scene feel larger than life.

To make it all work, you will also need the Hue Bridge to connect the lightstrip and Sync Box through your home Wi-Fi network. When you don’t want the LEDs to work dynamically, you can manually select the colours you prefer to give your TV a nice static backdrop for brilliant ambient lighting.

Lighting up the room

The surround lighting effects aren’t your typical light show. When you see an explosion in an action movie, the lights pulsate to make it seem like it expands beyond the screen. A gorgeous sunset, or the beauty of city lights at night will pop off the screen onto the wall behind your TV.

You can even enjoy the effect while playing your favourite video games. In-game cutscenes will produce the same impact when they splash all those colours. Enjoy the flood of light to enhance the visual splendour of every game you like to play.

The lightstrips use the entirety of the screen to do it, illuminating much of the space around it. It’s unlike any other TV accessory available, and it can make your viewing experience unlike anything you’ve previously seen.

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