The Yamaha MG06X is an incredibly compact 6-channel mixer


 If you are in the market for a stereo mixer that won’t colonize a lot of space then the Yamaha MG06X may be what you are looking for. Compact but with incredible power and features, small-scale live performers, DJs, or home studio producers can all benefit from this compact, portable, and well built mixer.

M-Audio BX3 and BX4 Multimedia Reference Monitor Speakers review

If you are looking for some great professional-reference sound, M-Audio has two great options with BX3 and BX4 Multimedia speakers. Here's my full review.

AT2020, AT2035, and AT2040 Audio-Technica microphones review

I review and compare three microphones from Audio-Technica—the AT2020, AT2035, and AT2040. All three are great microphones that offer fantastic value.

Review of Blue Microphones new Yeti X

Blue Microphones has released the new Yeti X USB microphone and is providing the opportunity to have professional level audio without professional level costs.

The MXL 2006 large condenser microphone is very good at a...

 There was a time not so long ago when the thought of purchasing a quality large diaphragm condenser microphone meant that you were about to drop some serious dollars. In recent years several manufacturers have started to produce top quality mics at an affordable price point and the MXL 2006 may be the cream of this crop.  

The Soundboard: What studio gear do you need?


How are you going to be using your studio?   The answers to this question will set you on a path to figuring out what you might need to start your journey in recording. There are many, many different configurations of gear that can be assembled into a studio. Which configuration fits your needs best?

Zoom H5 Audio Recorder is a videographer’s best friend

Recording decent audio for video production is arguably the most difficult aspect of the video making process. The Zoom H5 with its quality and ease of use just made this process a whole lot friendlier.

The Spire Studio is home studio recording simplicity at its best

I had a chance to test out the Spire Studio to record, edit, mix, and share my music compositions quicker and easier than ever before.

Enter for a chance to win a Roland A/V interface to...

The Roland Aerocaster and Web Presentation Dock are perfect for any burgeoning content creators who want to produce professional quality content. Enter for a chance to win!

Blue Raspberry Mic Review and Video

Blue Raspberry Microphone is an amazing portable USB condenser mic capable of recording crystal clear audio in any environment. Come see why I recommend it!