Aerocaster Web Presentation DockLive streaming is more popular than ever. Over the last ten years, the amount of content streamed every day has grown exponentially. This popularity hasn’t gone unnoticed by audio and video manufacturers. Although mostly known for their musical instruments, Roland has decided to further expand its A/V equipment lineup. The company now offers more pieces of gear to make solo and team productions easier to accomplish. Amongst these products, the AeroCaster Livestream System is a unique and very interesting interface tool that will help you get streaming in no time, with great looking results. Read on to find out more about this wireless audio/video interface.

First, make sure you check out this video that features my initial impressions and a demonstration of the companion app. I’ve also included an example of what your streaming results will look like.

The AeroCaster leverages the power of mobile devices

Audio/Video InterfaceThe Roland AeroCaster is a very specific type of audio/video interface. It bridges an iPad and up to four mobile devices (either iOS or Android) through Wi-Fi or 4G/5G networks. Thanks to the companion app, the AeroCaster Live App, you can control all of these devices remotely. Additionally, you can add your camera on your iPad as well as share screens from computers through Google Chrome. This connectivity amounts to a tremendous amount of streaming options. You can also use the AeroCaster as an audio interface with your computer.

AeroCaster hardware connectivity and features

Versatile ConnectivityThe AeroCaster itself has a flexible structure that includes very important options to make your streaming sound professional. First, there are two preamps intended to be used with external microphones. Phantom power is also available for condenser mics. The unit features a gain knob and level faders for each channel. Also, a built-in compressor/limiter will help you even out volume differences and make for a more enjoyable listening experience. There are additional faders for the Line input and overall volume. You’ll be able to monitor everything thanks to a headphone jack. You can use the same connector to plug in a headset with a microphone. There is also a built-in microphone if ever you don’t have any of these options on hand.

There are some additional audio features available, which include handy utilities built-in to give you the best results possible. The echo cancel button will reduce the repetition of the other person’s voice coming back to them from your speakers. The auto-leveller will apply volume correction, so that every speaking voice is consistent. There is a lip-sync delay knob to manually adjust the timing of the sound so it matches the video (the system is set to automatic by default). This is a great tool, considering that syncing is very important in live A/V productions. You can even add a certain amount of reverb to supply some ambience to your audio.

There are additional buttons that control low cut, a de-esser, the pairing of both audio inputs into a stereo track (panned left and right), there’s a background music on/off switch and two special FX buttons. This section of the unit doubles as the user assignable deck, which can be edited in the Live app.

The AeroCaster offers full video and streaming control

iPad with AeroCasterYou can fully control the video of your stream thanks to various buttons on the AeroCaster interface. You’ll be able to activate four video sources, via dedicated controls. The scene selectors will recall the layouts registered to scenes 1 – 4 on the app. These include various picture-in-picture options, split screens, and graphic superimpositions (for a watermark or company logo for example). Last, but not least, you can start your stream thanks to a dedicated button.

Take control with the AeroCaster app 

AeroCaster Live AppRoland’s Aerocaster App is the companion app to the livestreaming system you’ll need to connect every device together. It’s really well-made and gives you total control over your stream and your devices. Thanks to easy to navigate menus, each detail of the stream, audio, camera selection, settings, and layout are quick to adjust.

Camera selection and connection are easy and you’ll have access to a preview window before you send it out to your viewers. You’ll be able to easily fade from view to view, offering a professional experience to anyone watching. For every mobile device, you’ll be able to make adjustments such as lens selection, zoom, exposure, white balance, etc. In my tests, I’ve set everything to automatic, but you can adjust all the options to your liking and to match different devices. The same goes for the audio options that are available through a separate menu.

Fully Control Your StreamRoland included a media section on the app where you can cue different audio/video clips and pictures. It’s a fast way to get playable media to your viewers. Thanks to the scene menu, you’ll be able to show picture-in-picture and split screens with your various cameras and imported clips. It also allows you to easily display logos and watermarks.

Streaming is quick to set up with your YouTube, Twitch or Facebook account. You can also set up a custom channel through RTMP. All of this is achieved either through Wi-Fi or 4G/5G networks, so make sure you have available bandwidth. You’ll also have the option to save the stream directly to your iPad.

To see how the app works, make sure you watch my video, where I walk you through the various menus and options. 

AeroCaster gives great results with little hassle 

The AeroCaster Livestream System is really an impressive unit. Roland included every little thing you’d need to have a wireless streaming setup, with a minimum amount of gear. They also thought of every useful option to make a live stream production sound and look professional. It’s really no wonder it got tons of attention at various tech shows.

If you are into streaming and you happen to work alone, Roland’s AeroCaster is an excellent choice to make your life easier. Not only will you enjoy awesome results, you’ll have a versatile tool to take with you to remote locations for IRL streams. With a few items you probably already own (iPad and a smartphone), you’ll be up and running in no time. Thanks to a powerful, well-made app, you’ll also have complete control over your devices and, ultimately, the look and sound of your stream. This Roland A/V interface is the perfect tool to either get started streaming or to take your production to the next level.

The AeroCaster Livestream System is available now on

Nikolai Olekhnovitch
Nikolai Olekhnovitch is a professional guitarist from Montreal. The experience and musical versatility he acquired during his music studies and involvement with diverse musical acts come in quite handy when reviewing various instruments. When he is not on the road performing, he’s exploring martial arts and seeking out the perfect espresso.


  1. Sounds like it would save a ton of time post editing! I think that I would use the audio transitions option the most.

  2. I may need the auto-leveller to apply volume correction when using text to voice characters,

  3. My favorite feature that I would utilize most of the Roland AeroCaster livestream system is the ability to wireless connect and switch between 4 cameras.

  4. My favorite feature that I would utilize most of the Roland AeroCaster livestream system is the ability to wireless connect and switch between 4 cameras. I also love how I can use cameras that I already own. I just started producing YouTube videos where I plan to do consumer tech reviews. Having the right tech (like this) will help give my channel credibility and a professional look and feel. Roland was surely thinking outside the box when they designed this masterpiece. I can’t wait to review it on my channel.

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