Baby Works pregnancy pillows are just what you need if you’re...

If you're expecting a new addition to your family then let me tell you why you need Baby Works pregnancy pillows to help you sleep and rest better through the upcoming months and beyond. Read my full review, and watch my video on Baby Works pregnancy pillows here.

Babybrezza Formula Pro Advanced review

The Babybrezza Formula Pro Advanced offers upgrades from its predecessor to help you automatically measure, mix, and heat formula for your baby.

What type of baby gate should I buy

Baby gates come in all shapes and sizes. From permanent to free standing and from plastic to wood and metal, find out what's the best gate for your home.

Heading back to preschool

Just like kids heading back to grade or high school, or college or university, preschoolers need gear to help them get ready for the new year, as well. Here's a list of some of the essentials.

Smarten Up Series: Using a Baby Monitor

When your little one’s close to arriving and it’s time to think about buying a baby monitor, you have a few different ways to go. In this edition of the Smarten Up series, we take a look at whether to go video and audio (or just audio) and taking a modernized look at the the traditional baby monitor. Not only can you use monitors to peer in on whether your baby’s ok, but some even offer Air Quality and Room Temperature real time readouts. Read on to find out more. 

Hands-on Review of the iBaby Airsense Air Monitor and Ionic Purifier

Everyone wants clean air in the home, and that especially goes for your baby's room. The sleek iBaby Airsense air monitor and ion purifier helps rid the air of harmful toxins and allergens, and reports the room's air quality status to you via a smartphone app.

Munchkin Step Diaper Pail is a nursery essential

Diaper Pails are a nursery essential and the Munchkin Step is a cut above. With multiple odour absorbing and locking capabilities, you never have to worry about airing out the baby's room.

Enter this contest for a chance to win Fisher-Price baby gear

Fisher-Price has delighted generations of parents and children with their toys and baby gear. Enter this contest for a chance to win a high chair, play mat, and more!

Family travel is lighter with the Brica Smartmove

With Brica Smartmove, you can cut down on travel clutter by turning your carseat into a stroller. It also makes toting carseats in travel spaces easier!

What’s new in baby gear for 2016

For those having babies today, there’s so much cool gear out there from which to choose. From extra-protective car seats, to convenient, fold-up playards and beds, there’s no shortage of innovation in baby gear for 2016. Here, we highlight 10 new items for you.

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