While moms and dads sometimes have their hearts set on particular brands for baby gear (I know, for example, that with baby bottles, it was all Dr. Browns for me!), new and exciting ones are sometimes worth considering. Bily, North States, and Mamas & Papas offer everything from baby gates, to strollers, car seats, and play yards that might make a welcome addition to your homes and gift wish lists.

Bily baby gatesbily-freestanding-wood-superyard

You can’t leave a baby and/or toddler in the home, especially one that can move around on his own, unattended for even a second. Yes, that means even to grab a coffee from the kitchen, or turn your back to answer the door. This is where baby gates and play yards come in handy, giving you a safe place to park your little one for a minute while you tend to something.

bily-freestanding-white-metal-superyardBily’s Freestanding Wood Superyard is a hexagonal-shaped playpen that also serves as a barrier to prevent your little one from approaching a dangerous spot, like a fireplace or stairs. It has a walk-through door with childproof double locks, and auto-swing close. And because it’s foldable, it doesn’t need to become an eyesore in your living room, 24/7. Use it when you want, and put it away when you don’t need it. If you prefer, the gate also comes in white metal. As your little one gets older, bigger, and requires more room to roam, Bily offers a two-panel extension kit, also in metal and for use with the metal version, that transforms the space from six panels to eight.

North States baby superyard

north-states-superyard-colorplay-ultimateAlso with some great options in play yards is North States, which offers its Superyard Colorplay Ultimate. Ideal for a playroom or backyard, it comes with various coloured panels to create an 18.5 square-foot play area that can be set up both indoors or out. Put it together easily, and fold it up to tuck it away when not in use. It’s a great option if you have friends coming over, and want a small play area in which the kids can safely have fun while you sip on coffee and chat. If you want to use it in a smaller space, like an apartment, just remove two of the six panels. Or conversely, like the Bily play yard, you can get a 2-panel extension in basic ivory, or blue and orange to create a larger, 34.4 square-foot play area for your little one. If you plan to keep this item set up inside the home and would prefer a more understated look, the Superyard also north-states-superyard-colorplay-ultimate-foldedcomes in ivory. The standard Superyard Colorplay doesn’t have the extra-wide, easy access door for easy one-handed opening, but can also be used both indoors and out.

Mamas & Papas Strollers

Choosing a stroller is almost like choosing a car for new parents. Often times, you’ll get one main stroller for daily use and walks both indoors and out, and a secondary umbrella or similar stroller for vacations, travel, amusement parts, and the like. Mamas & Papas has a wide selection, including the Armadillo Flip XT Stroller, which includes all of the features one would need in a high-end stroller, including the ability to place the seat both forward- and rear-facing; five-point safety harness, locking swivel wheels, and an easy-to-use braking mamas-and-papas-urbo2-standard-strollersystem. Plus, it folds up easily with one hand, and is compact to fit in small spaces. You can grab an adapter to use a Maxi-Cosi/Aton car seat with the stroller’s base as well.

I love the look of the Urbo2 Standard Stroller, which comes in a classy chestnut finish, and includes many of the same features. Using a separate adapter, it is compatible with the Graco Classic Connect infant car seat.

Also compatible with that Graco car seat via an adapter, as well as the Chicco KeyFit infant car seat (again, with a separate adapter) is the lightweight Armadillo Standard Stroller, which comes in a nice sand dune finish.

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