Top 5 new backpacks for 2015

While I’ve been out of school for quite some time now, I still have vivid memories of the pleasure I took in prepping for a new year. Yup, I was one of those kids who enthusiastically went shopping for back-to-school supplies while everyone else relished the last few weeks of summer freedom. And believe it or not, we’re only a little over a month away from the start of another school year, so whether you have little ones heading to elementary school for the first time, or are a university student yourself, here are the top 5 backpacks for 2015–ideal for toting all your shiny new school supplies.

New styles from the TUMI Alpha Bravo Collection: now available at...

If you’ve been reading the Best Buy Plug-In Blog for a while now, you’ll probably be familiar with TUMI. They do a lot of stylish, well-made, super functional luggage pieces … but this fall, they’re coming out with a collection that’ll change the way you look at TUMI for good.

Get away with this year’s best luggage

Whether you’re heading to the lake this summer for a weekend escape, or are eagerly counting down the days to the winter adventure you’ve meticulously planned over the past year, there’s one travel necessity you should be sure not to overlook—your luggage. I mean, you don’t want to be that person wheeling a squeaky, mothball-ridden relic of a suitcase through the airport, now do you? Peer pressure aside, there really is something to be said for travelling with good luggage; and with so many options available, you can get away with a bag that suits both your style and your trip.  

Keep your blood pumping with Sockwell Travel compression socks!

Traveling is annoying enough already – avoid having a blood clot thrown into the mix by wearing a pair of compression socks from Sockwell Travel!

Fossil Bags for Men: Available at Best Buy!

It seems that a wide variety of great new men’s travel bags and accessories (designed and manufactured by Fossil) are now available at Best Buy. Join me inside for a brief overview of several travel essentials in classy and durable styles that together will meet a multitude of travel needs. Key categories include laptop messenger bags, iPad / tablet cases, cash & card carrying wallets, passport holder / protectors, and men’s shaving / toiletry kits. There’s sure to be something here for every type of guy—whether a frequent world traveler or a daily transit commuter—so click on through and let’s take a look! 

Tips for travelling with a laptop

Laptops are the ideal travelling devices. They make it possible for us to stay connected, be productive, and keep entertained. Here are some tips for travelling with a laptop and making the most out of your investment.

A brief history of handbags

Unlike some of the other topics we’ve covered in the “brief history of…” series, the modern handbag comes from extremely ambiguous origins. Humans have been using bags and pouches to carry items since long before the written word was invented, and they’ve sprung up in similar fashions all around the world.

Pack light like a pro and master the one-handed luggage lift

When you’re going on a quick trip, there’s nothing more handy than managing to pack everything you have into a single, carry-on-appropriate piece of luggage. Sure, it’s hard (sometimes really hard) to actually get everything packed in there, but once you manage it—man, it’s smooth sailing from thereon in!

Lightweight Luggage for Complying with Airline Travel Rules and Size Restrictions

Whether I’m just taking a day trip or going away for a week, I’m always worried about overpacking. Predominantly because, with the latest rules and restrictions, airlines are becoming more strict about how much you can bring on board, and charging fees for checking even one bag. Here are some ideas for keeping your luggage lightweight, and suggestions for some good carry on options.

The essentials you need to survive holiday travel

If you want to survive holiday travel with your sanity intact, especially if you’re traveling with kids, you’ll need to be prepared. That means prepping ahead of time and picking up these holiday essentials to help you sail through that airport and enjoy any mid-trip downtime.

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