burton1.jpgI have had my backpack for long enough that I can’t actually remember the backpack that came before it. This one has seen me through summer vacations, weekend getaways, and six or seven years of school; through trips to mountains, awkward secondhand textbook purchasing, and—most importantly—through trips to my hometown’s biggest dog park. (It’s so big that the North Saskatchewan River runs through it, and in the summer the river is full of puppies.)

My bag is a Burton bag.

So, while I do mean it when I say that these bags are actually super cute, what I’m actually saying is that these bags hold up. If I needed a new backpack (which I don’t; mine is still stubbornly refusing to show any signs of wear despite the fact that it’s closing in on a decade of almost daily use), I would get another Burton bag in an instant.  Best Buy has a great selection of Burton bags and their new selection for Spring is amazing.


The Burton Annex Daypackannex.jpg

Or, “the bag that I wish Burton had made 10 years earlier because it’s even cuter than mine.” This bag needs no introduction, but man it is cute. And it’s funny, too: it has accessory pockets “for energy bars” and adjustable webbing straps that are “perfect for last minute additions like a spare jacket or your ukulele.”

The Burton Annex Daypack is totally unisex, too, so the only thing you need to worry about is whether or not you’re hipster enough to embrace the mountain man look!

Bags that will last a lifetime

burton dayhiker.jpgOne of the reasons that my own backpack has held up for so long is that it’s made from Burton’s signature coated Ripstop nylon. It’s durable and tear-resistant, so it holds up well to both snags and strain, but Burton actually makes a few different types of heavy-wear fabrics.

The Burton Day Hiker 23L Backpack is made from an updated version of this nylon, but the brand can actually do you one better nowadays. If you’re going to take your bag on a serious hike or snowboarding trip, for instance, they make a Burton Traverse 20.5″ Luggage bag that’s carry-on sized but opens to reveal a laptop pocket, a separated internal compartment designed to hold your hiking shoes, and a “Double Deck” design that’ll keep your clean clothes separate from your dirty ones. It’s made from super-sturdy 500D non-PVC tarpaulin (the same stuff that they use in inflatable boats), so it’s soft-sided but super tough and great for wet environments, too.

Burton bags for under $100

Okay, so let’s be fair: not everyone wants a bag that they’re going to have to haul around for a decade, and not everyone takes great care of their backpacks! Burton makes a range of bags, though, which is one of the things that I love about the line—they do great sport bags that can really take a beating, but it’s easy to find something trendy that’ll just get you through college or to the gym, too.


A Burton bag to help you find your soulmate…

Whether you want your new Burton bag to be super stylish or extremely durable, there’s something in the range that’s right for you. And who knows? Maybe that special something is the Burton Tinder bag, or maybe your Tinder bag will help you catch the eye of a special someone! Smiley Wink


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