backpacks that multi-task

Your backpack is one of the most versatile bags you own, and if you’re like most people you want to use it for more than just school or work; you want to pack it up for weekends away or strap it on for a hike up the mountain.

But some backpacks are better suited to multi-tasking than others, and if you want your backpack for everyday you’re going to want to choose one that can easily keep up with everything you do every day.

Here’s a look at a few different kinds of backpacks that will be your go-to for work, school, and everything in between.

Utility backpacks are multi-taskers

Utility backpacks for multi-tasking

A utility backpack, also known as a day backpack, is a backpack with a clean, classic style. You’ll love the padded straps and the even weight distribution of these bags, but don’t let the simple look of utility backpacks fool you. These backpacks have hidden charm that make them perfect for travel and school too.

Why a utility backpack does double-duty

Zip open the interior compartment of a utility backpack and check out the treasure trove of pockets and compartments. Some styles have drop-in padded compartments to store your laptop, tricot-lined pockets for your tablet or phone, and interior organization for all your bits and pieces.

Those features are great for work and school, but what about travel? Not to worry: a utility backpack is ready to hit the road or skies with you. With buckles on the front flap, you’ll never have to worry about your bag flapping open at the least opportune time.

Some styles also have integrated SmartSleeves to slip your backpack over the handle of your luggage, and with water-resistant buttons and sides, you’ll be protected if something spills when you’re on the go.

Commuter backpacks take you from the gym to workday

commuter backpacks double dutyA commuter backpack sounds like something you’d only pull out if you’re riding the train to work or you’re stuck in the carpool lane on a regular basis. Commuter backpacks are great for multi-tasking because they’ve got a simple and sleek style, but that simplicity can be deceiving.


Why a commuter backpack is perfect for every day

If you use your commuter backpack for work, you might fill it with your large work laptop, tablet, portable scanner, pens, notebook, and presentation necessities. Flip over to the weekend and that same backpack looks perfect on your back when you head out a weekend adventure or you’re spending the day touring museums.

Some styles of commuter backpack are made from parachute nylon, and that keeps the bag lightweight when weighed down with work gear or stuffed with your change of clothes and toiletries.

If you don’t have your laptop along, you can use the padded laptop pouch for souvenirs and your daily shopping. Commuter backpacks have front zippered organizers to keep your passport and notebooks safe, and there are side pockets for water bottles to keep you hydrated wherever you go.

Stay stylish with a sling backpack

sling backpacks for school and weekendsStudents know the pain of a weighty backpack, but some students keep their textbooks on their tablets and take notes on their laptops. That means they don’t need a large backpack, and a sling backpack is more than enough bag for them.

Sling backpacks are smaller in size than some backpacks, but they’re up for every adventure

Why a sling backpack can go with you everywhere

Sling backpacks come in several styles, and no matter which you choose your bag will be easy on the eyes and feel great on your back or shoulder. You can choose cross-body sling backpacks, simple drawstring backpacks, or double-strap sling backpacks that are perfect for cycling, hiking, travel, and school.

Open up a sling backpack and you may find a tablet holder, exterior phone pocket, small pockets for passports and other ID, a water bottle holder, or a spot to slide in your umbrella. From a theme park to the classroom or back-to-back meetings, a sling backpack will hold everything you need to get through every day.

These three great multi-tasking backpacks are so versatile, stylish, and comfortable, you’ll never want to hang them up for the weekend or leave them at home when you hit the books.

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  1. I like sling backpacks, but sometimes I wish they had more storage space. Not that I need as much space as a full size backpack, but a little more could be useful. Maybe mine just doesn’t have the space I’d like and I should look into some of these ones Best Buy has.

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