Lightweight Luggage for Complying with Airline Travel Rules and Size Restrictions

Whether I’m just taking a day trip or going away for a week, I’m always worried about overpacking. Predominantly because, with the latest rules and restrictions, airlines are becoming more strict about how much you can bring on board, and charging fees for checking even one bag. Here are some ideas for keeping your luggage lightweight, and suggestions for some good carry on options.

Do I need different luggage for winter versus summer travel

It's the worst feeling to come home with new luggage only to find that it doesn't meet your specific travel needs? Do you need different luggage based on winter or summer travel? Most important is determining what you want to pack, and considering those small details before heading out to grab a suitable suitcase for your vacation.

Some awesome alternatives to Herschel backpacks

If you love the look of Herschel backpacks but want something a little less common, look no further than these sporty, functional alternatives.

5 luggage buys that aren’t black

 Learning from experience there’s nothing worse than trying to find your black luggage among a sea of other black luggage after a long and exhausting flight. Now you can find luggage and luggage sets in a large variety of colours and bold patterns. Read on to see 5 luggage buys that are colourful, fun and even kid friendly.

Herschel laptop sleeves and bags fall 2020 review

Laptop accessories, like these Herschel laptop sleeves and bags, play a key role in protecting your laptop or tablet from life's bumps and scrapes.

Acme Made Backpacks and laptop sleeves review

The Acme Made Collection offers a variety of backpacks and laptop sleeves for everyday use that are both functional and stylish.

Herschel is available for pre-order on Best Buy

Since 2009, Herschel has been making bags with a unique, timeless style. Check out the Herschel bags available for pre-order on Best Buy right now.

How To Mix Neutrals For Fall ft. The Vince Camuto Tina...

Fall fashion has officially arrived, and while many anxiously await the season, others feel anxious trying to dress for the season. One of the biggest complaints I hear is an uneasiness when it comes to mixing neutrals. But today I'm showing you that it doesn't have to be hard, especially when you have a handbag to tie the entire look together. See how I styled my ultimate fall fashion accessory, the Vince Camuto Tina, with two very different, yet classic, colour combinations for the season I love most.

Luggage Help Centre

Most people intend to keep and use their luggage for many years. Find answers to common questions consumers have related to making a decision on luggage.

Backpacks that do double-duty

Not every backpack is just for school or for work. Some backpacks are built to multi-task, and can go with you from class to the gym to a weekend adventure.

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