Swiss Gear Souvenir IV 3-Piece Luggage Set review

As a style & travel blogger here at Best Buy, I try a lot of luggage. Like: a lot of it. I go through more luggage in a year than most people will go through in a lifetime, so I really appreciate it when a brand shows me right off the bat that they're offering something a step above, like Swiss Gear did with their line of Swiss Gear Souvenir IV pieces.

Lowepro backpacks have arrived at Best Buy

LowePro backpacks are great for the techie hiker, the travelling adventurer, and the city-dweller with wanderlust. And now, they've arrived here at Best Buy.

JanSport backpacks for back to school

The end of summer is an exciting time for students, and these Jansport backpacks are the perfect way to head back to class.

Saddle Up For Fall With Vince Camuto

Each and every fall, the equestrian trend comes back with a vengeance and leaves those who were never exposed to horseback riding overwhelmed and confused about how to incorporate the trend into their current wardrobe. Luckily, there's the saddle bag, which perfectly marries equestrian style with modern fashion. Check out the Vince Camuto option that is currently topping my list of fall must-haves.

Some awesome alternatives to Herschel backpacks

If you love the look of Herschel backpacks but want something a little less common, look no further than these sporty, functional alternatives.

What’s new at Best Buy: great selection of Burton Bags for...

I have had my backpack for long enough that I can’t actually remember the backpack that came before it. This one has seen me through summer vacations, weekend getaways, and—most importantly—through trips to my hometown’s biggest dog park. (It’s so big that the North Saskatchewan River runs through it, and in the summer the river is full of puppies.)  My bag is a Burton bag.

How to pack carry on luggage for a summer trip?

If you're headed off to greener pastures, you want to make sure that you'll have everything you need for the trip. Here's how to pack a quick, compact carry-on for a summer holiday.

The North Face fall collection now available at Best Buy

The North Face's fall collection has arrived at Best Buy, with a great selection of backpacks for both city and mountain life.

New Heys Luggage for Summer

 If you’re planning a summer getaway, there’s no better place to look for a new luggage set than right here at Best Buy. And, with the new summer additions, the Heys collection is the biggest one available yet, so there really is something in it for everybody.  

Lightweight Luggage for Complying with Airline Travel Rules and Size Restrictions

Whether I’m just taking a day trip or going away for a week, I’m always worried about overpacking. Predominantly because, with the latest rules and restrictions, airlines are becoming more strict about how much you can bring on board, and charging fees for checking even one bag. Here are some ideas for keeping your luggage lightweight, and suggestions for some good carry on options.

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