10418021The best part about spring and summer is the fact that no matter what time of day it is or where you are in the world, everyone suddenly becomes very okay with you carrying a backpack 24/7. I mean, they’re not necessarily work-friendly, but if you’re out for dinner, running errands, or hiking up a mountain for fifteen hours, backpacks totally get the go-ahead.

(Although I guess they get the go-ahead for that last one all year ’round.)

Backpacks are a must-have if you’re going to be spending your summer outdoors, though, and they’re one of those fantastic items that’ll transition right back into city life when September 1st hits. But, for the summer, they’re perfect for accompanying you through the long days, summer hikes, and weekend camping trips.

Bags for the wilderness explorer-types 


For those who truly can’t get enough of the outdoors, there’s no better choice for a backpack than something in a nylon finish. They’re durable, washable, and super lightweight, which makes them perfect for carrying around your gear without weighing you down in turn!

I love the Pacsafe Venturesafe 45L Travel Backpack for a daypack or travelling backpack, but if you need a little more, the High Sierra Classic 35L Backpack is an awesome choice. The Pacsafe is small and tough, with built-in slashguards (perfect for spending your summer outdoors in more questionable parts of the world), and it’s built like a tiny suitcase: it even has a mesh pocket and travel organizer! The High Sierra Classic, on the other hand, is a serious backpacker’s backpack, with a tall silhouette, a contoured aluminum frame bar that can be adjusted to fit the exact shape of your back, and a body made from super-durable nylon riptop, Duralite, and ballistic nylon.

Another great option for a long hike is a hydration backpack, like this one from High Sierra. It’s a gorgeous dark blue with a super-slim profile, but it actually fits 2L of water (to keep you well-hydrated all day long!)


10422924Backpacks that bridge the gap

If you’re not into thin nylon backpacks, however, there are plenty of options at Best Buy that have more of a “city” look but will still function really well outdoors. If you liked the look of the Pacsafe Travel Backpack, for instance, you might want to check out one of the new ObusForme Travel Backpacks. They come in a whole bunch of different colours, and they’re designed with multi-use in mind: you can use them for “school, work, travel, or adventure,” or all of the above!


10400227_1The DC Shoes Trekker Laptop Backpack is also really city-friendly, and it would be a great choice for someone who was still in school. From September to April, it’ll serve you well to get to and from classes, but from June through August… Well, let’s just say that it’ll blend right in on the foothills of a beautiful mountain.


I would hate to end this post without mentioning at least one option that’s totally different from the rest, though, so if you’re really not feeling these backpacks so far, you might want to check out the new World Famous line online at Best Buy. These backpacks are made from trendy, oiled cotton canvas, and close with a front flap that’s held down with clasps. Despite the fashion-forward look of the World Famous line, though, their bags are also super functional. Each bag has multiple exterior pockets, a padded interior laptop pocket, and adjustable, padded shoulder straps!

With so many great options to choose from, you have no excuse for carrying around a simple nylon sack bag while you’re adventuring outdoors this summer. Check out the rest of the Best Buy backpack range to find the summer bag that’s perfect for you!

Rae Chen
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