Whether you’re jetting off on a multi-city, multi-week adventure, or simply heading out of town on business for a couple of days, you need at least one piece of luggage. However, if that luggage is hard to carry, has seen better days, or is otherwise due for an upgrade, you may want to look for a piece that has at least a handful of these great features.

360-degree spinner wheels

If you’ve been in an airport recently, you may have noticed that that luggage with spinning wheels is becoming quite popular, and for good reason. Unlike traditional bags with two wheels, luggage with 360-degree spinner wheels allow you to push, pull, turn, and scoot your bag in any direction with minimal effort. For example, the Samsonite B-Lite 27.25” 4-Wheeled Expandable Suitcase is super lightweight and features four 360-degree dual spinner wheels, making it super easy to maneuver through busy airports, crowded trains, and even over bumpy roads. I really wish I had a suitcase with spinner wheels when I was navigating my way through Venice in search of my hotel!

Multiple functional handles

Even if your luggage has 360-degree spinner wheels, you need something to maneuver it with, and at some point, you (or someone else) will have to pick it up to put it in the trunk of a car, on to a luggage conveyer belt, or into an airplane’s overhead compartment. Needless to say, handles are pretty important. As far as trolley handles are concerned, opt for a bag that features one that isn’t just retractable, but that locks into place when extended so it’s easy and comfortable to maneuver. You should also go with a suitcase that has both top and side handles, so you have extra leverage to pick it up when you’re not rolling it through the airport. Two great options are the Kenneth Cole Lighten Up 28” 4-Wheeled Suitcase if you like soft sided luggage and the Swiss Gear Walen 28” 4-Wheeled Expandable Suitcase if you prefer hard sided luggage.


Without fail, every time I go on a trip, I buy stuff. Whether it’s five new purses from Italy, or a stone and wood sculpture from Peru, I always come back with more than I left with, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this. That’s where expandable luggage comes in handy. Take for example this 24” 4-wheeled suitcase from Samboro. It’s lightweight and compact, but can expand an additional 2” allowing for 20% more packing space. Just do yourself a favour and if you plan on picking up souvenirs on your travels, pack your suitcase without it being expanded before you leave, so you can add the extra room when it’s needed.


Interior tie downs and pockets

Last put not least, interior tie downs and multiple pockets are essential. Tie downs help keep everything organized and in place, even when the plane hits a patch of turbulence, or your bag is manhandled between destinations. I’m a big fan of this 25” 4-wheeled spinner from Delsey. It features a fully lined interior with two tie down straps and multiple pockets so all your things can be beautifully organized. It also has three outside pockets, which is convenient for packing last minute items, or for storing things you might need access to before your bag is stowed.

Every traveler has different needs, so the luggage you choose needs to meet those needs. However, whether you go big or small, hard sided or soft sided, if you make sure you select pieces that come with these features, you’ll be a happy traveler.

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