New bag arrivals for summer

 I read once that it’s not about “what you carry” but “how you carry it” and I couldn’t agree more. See, I have what some might call a bag fetish and am always adding to my collection. Whether you too have a weakness for bags of all kinds, or are simply looking for something practical and stylish to get you from point A to point B, I’ve got you covered with this round up of what I think are the best new bags for the season.

Perfect Jewelry and Watch Gifts for Valentine’s Day

If you're shopping for a Valentine's Day gift, it's not too late! Best Buy has a great selection of jewelry and watches to make the day extra special.

Why Heart Rate Matters

This article looks at what your heart rate is, why it's important, and ways connected health devices help you capture it continuously.

Best Gifts of 2015: Best Kitchen Gifts for the Foodie

Tis the season for holiday shopping, not only for yourself but for your friends and family. What do get the person who has everything? Something for the kitchen, perhaps?  Everyone loves to eat—whether they love to cook or not, the kitchen is a place to get their meals.  Not to worry, we have gift ideas for that person who only orders in.   

Why should you buy a cookware set?

Whether you struggle to cook pasta or fancy yourself the next Master Chef, certain kitchen essentials are required in your pursuit of a home cooked meal. First and foremost, you need a decent set of pots and pans; and while you might be happy with those mismatched relics from the past, or are set on purchasing each new pot and pan separately, there are a number of benefits associated with investing in a full set of cookware.

The best kitchen gifts under $25

The holidays are right around the corner, and for once I am super organized and have gotten a head start on my shopping. I have my usual list of family and friends to buy for, and of course there always ends up being a few extras such as host gifts for holiday parties and dinners.   If you want to get a jump on your holiday shopping, there are some great gifts available for under $25 at

Unique Kitchen Gifts Under $100

With the gift giving season fast approaching, today I take a look at a few awesome gift suggestions that’ll go great in anyone’s kitchen! If you could use a few fun ideas for kitchen gifts that are each under $100 in price, then join me inside for 6 gift suggestions that all just happen to have a slight celebratory twist. There’s sure to be something for everyone here!

Create your dream home office with Casey collection furnishings

As more and more jobs move from the cubicle to the internet, the home office has become increasingly important. However, many home office spaces are crowded and disorganized. Creating a cleaner and more tranquil office space will ensure that you stay on task and be productive.

10 traditional school supplies you still need in 2016

 As much as we think that we must be in a fully digital age, you can’t help but realize that there are still some fairly “old school” things you need to get you through school. It’s nice that we can attend classes and look at itineraries on phones, laptops and tablets these days but you have to remember that the amount of help they can give you is limited to battery life and storage space. Check out this list of 10 traditional school supplies you’ll still need to carry with you in 2016.

Prepare for a Great Canadian Winter: Prepare for emergencies at home...

I have no idea where this year has gone. I swear only yesterday I was making my New Year’s resolutions, yet today I found myself thinking about snow, cold, blankets, the holidays, and all things associated with winter. Winter! Even though the weather is still pretty mild here on the west coast, now is the time to start thinking about the inevitability of its approach, and making sure you’re prepared for winter emergencies at home and on the road.

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