Best Buy Smart Phone Accessory RoundupToday we consider a number of useful smart phone accessories to celebrate the super happy & utterly joyful back to school season! Alternatively, these accessories could be seen as a distraction from the most dreaded of all occasions, the horrible & hideous back to school season—kind of a retail therapy mind trick to cheer yourself up at the absolute worst time of year. Whether you love back to school or utterly loathe it, now is a great time to trick out your smart phone with all of the very best smart phone accessories. Read on for a few of my best super happy smart phone accessory suggestions! 


Olloclip Fisheye LensThe first gadget I’ve found is the Olloclip iPhone 4/4S Wide-Angle/Fisheye/Macro Lens. This handy accessory works with either your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S (as well as with their most popular camera employing apps), easily connecting to your device in seconds. It also serves as either a fisheye lens, a macro lens, or a wide-angle lens—all in a single, tiny device. The Olloclip is portable enough to go anywhere that you and your phone go, and it’s convenient enough that no additional components are required (that’s no special adapter or clunky carrying case). Of course, if you don’t happen to have an iPhone, there are numerous other equally capable smart phone lenses that you may choose from instead. Simply check out Best Buy’s Mobile Phone Photography page and see what they’ve got to offer. You’re sure to find something that works perfectly with your chosen smart phone model, and you’ll be taking extra special video & photos in no time! 


Plantronics Bluetooth HeadsetUp next is one of the most useful smart phone accessories currently in existence. It’s the Plantronics Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headset, and it’s sure to make your life as a smart phone user easier and more comfortable than ever before! Easier because you’ll never have to touch your smart phone again to fully manage both your phone calls & the enjoyment of your music. And more comfortable due to its lightweight design and super soft ear tip that’s designed for all day comfortable use. Of course, that’s merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Plantronics Headset’s features. You’ll also enjoy status alerts in multiple languages (English, French, & Spanish), Multi-Point Technology (for connecting 2 smart phones at once & being able to answer either of them), and a fully rechargeable Li-Po battery (with as much as 11 total hours of talk time on a single charge), to name but a few of this headset’s most useful & impressive qualities. For even more about this great little Bluetooth device, take a look at its Best Buy product page by clicking on the link above. 


If you’ve ever experienced the death of your smart phone battery at the most inopportune of times—and of course, we all have, then you may find it useful to pick up a TP-LINK 10000mAh Lithium Polymer Power Bank. This particular power bank is fully compatible with most of today’s top smart phone models, whether Android or iOS based. It also works perfectly with iPads & numerous other devices. Its convenient dual USB ports allow for the simultaneous charging of your 2 most vital devices, and its 10000mAh Li-Po power reserve always keeps you going, no matter how far you may stray from a traditional wall outlet. Better still, the TP-LINK protects your devices against short circuits & other current & voltage fluctuations & issues. For example, you won’t have to worry about too much current or voltage flowing into your device, and you’ll never over-charge or over-heat your device either. The TP-LINK Power Bank is all the power reserve you’re ever going to need when camping, going on a massive road trip, or doing any other activity that takes you temporarily off the power grid. It’s truly a great friend to all of your other electronics!


Samsung 64 GB Micro SD Card

Another thing that every smart phone user today should have is additional storage space. Take, for instance, the Samsung EVO+ 64GB 80MB/s microSDXC Memory Card, which offers enough data storage for even the most snap happy of users. That is, if you’re constantly shooting video & taking photos with your smart phone, you’re going to need all the space you can get. But this chip doesn’t just give you space alone. It also offers high-speed file transfer capabilities for moving files between your smart phone & computer. This means you’ll enjoy an increased work-flow rate if you frequently transfer files (i.e., you won’t be bogged down by slow transfer rates). And it’s a pretty tough little chip too. It’s neither afraid of water, extreme temperature fluctuations, powerful magnets, or even X-rays. This means that your most important files are safe from damage to the card itself. You’ll never have to worry about files that are stored on this powerful little Samsung Memory Card!



Finally, every smart phone user should consider getting either an InvisibleShield by ZAGG Galaxy S6 HD Glass UV Screen Protector or its non-Galaxy S6 equivalent. A smart phone may be considered a major purchase for most people. For this reason, many consumers wish to protect their investment through the addition of a screen protector. The latest version of a first rate screen protector is a micro thin piece of glass that fits directly over the screen of your smart device. The InvisibleShield Protector is ultra smooth, and it features high-tempered, scratch resistant glass that protects your smart phone’s screen from potential cracks & chips. With this specific unit, there’s also the added bonus of a blue light eye guard feature. This feature actually protects your eyes from UV light, allowing for totally safe viewing of your device in bright, sunny conditions. As these shields can easily be replaced at any time, the thought behind this product is simple: abuse your shield, save your screen! Similar products for other smart phones may be found by visiting Best Buy’s Screen Protectors page.


With so many great smart phone accessories readily available at Best Buy, it may be a bit surprising to think that we haven’t even covered every smart phone accessory category. For instance, if you’d like to acquire a high quality smart phone case, you’re sure to find one on Best Buy’s Cell Phone Accessories page. So go ahead and give it a look and see what you can find. And whether back to school represents to you a glorious or a disastrous event, you might as well go back in style with a well adorned smart phone! Until next time, happy accessory hunting!

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