TCL 6 series, tv, 4k, roku, review, videoIt’s not too late to pick up a gift that can not only wow the whole family on Christmas morning, but it can keep the entire household happy all year long. A 4K TV is the perfect gift for 2020, and here’s why…

Top 5 reasons a 4K TV is the best gift

1. A 4K TV is a total entertainment portal

Adding a new 4K TV to your home isn’t just about watching TV, it’s about all the other things you can use it for; you can access streaming apps and channels, connect to gaming services, surf the web and even enjoy ambient art… more on that below.

2. 4K TV is more affordable than ever

The cost of a 4K TV has come down over the years, meaning it’s now possible to get a much larger 4K TV for a very affordable price.

3. 4K TVs fit into your home better

4K TVs are thinner and lighter than ever, so they can be placed in more locations. Plus, with some 4K TVs having built in ambient or art modes, they hide as art displays in plain sight, meaning no giant black hole in your decor.

4. 4K TV will get a lot of use

We are all spending a lot of time in the house these days, and that’s likely to continue for weeks and even months to come. You might as well make the most of your home entertaining spaces, and a new 4K TV is the way to set the stage for that space.

5. A 4K TV is a serious upgrade

If you’re still watching HD TV at your house, it’s time to experience something better. 4K TVs have a clearer picture, with better overall quality, and zero graininess; they’re so clear it’s like looking out a window.

What is a 4K TV?

4K TV is a high resolution TV and it also goes by the name Ultra HD. 4K TV is great because it’s the best possible video picture available (unless you want to step way up and shop 8K TVs… but that’s another blog!)

The ‘4’ part of the “4K TV” name comes from the approximate number of horizontal pixels; there are about 4000 in a 4K TV, while a regular HD TV has only about 2000 pixels. This TV technology gives you over eight million total pixels on your screen so 4K/Ultra HD gives whatever you’re watching realistic colour, life-like brightness without glare, and authentic detail. If you want to learn a bit more about 4K TV technology, check out my more detailed blog on this topic here.

How to choose a properly sized 4K TV

The first thing to take note of with a 4K TV is that you don’t want a small one. 4K is all about the detail, the sharpness and the vibrancy of a bazillion colours, and these can’t be fully appreciated on a small TV.

A photo of a Samsung Frame TV
The Samsung Frame—’TV when it’s on, ART when it’s off’

A 45” set is a great mid-sized TV that can easily fit in a living room or family room, while also still giving you amazing video quality. From there, only your wall size is the limit. 4K TVs can quite literally fill the room if you want them too, making them great for movie night and gaming.

4K TVs can also blend into your space in the bedroom, kitchen or dining area; a TV like Samsung’s The Frame doubles as wall art when it’s not showing video.

A TV is a great family-centric gift because it’s actually something everyone in the family can use and enjoy; whether it’s kids playing video games or watching YouTube, or mom and dad watching movies or viewing photo slideshows of great times, a new 4KTV is something that will be used and appreciated every single day, unlike matching Christmas sweaters, a toaster, or a board game.

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