PC struggling with Windows 10? 5 new computers that take full...

If you only upgrade your PC once in a blue moon, Windows 10 is a great reason to take the plunge now. By doing so, you get yourself the latest OS running on the latest PC, so you can take full advantage of each and enjoy an optimal experience with your day to day computing. There are some great options out there to help you get a great Windows 10 experience whether you want a tablet, desktop PC or something along the spectrum in between.

Preparing A Great Canadian Thanksgiving Feast

I don’t know about you, but September seemed to fly by in a week. October has arrived and I’m a little unprepared. To my fellow Canadians, it’s time to get ready for Thanksgiving. Let’s embrace the second week of October with extra TLC, from making the perfect turkey dinner, to bonding around the table, to finding new games that everyone wants to play.

Windows 10: everything you need to know about privacy settings

Digital privacy is very important in today’s connected world. Today we’re taking a look at digital privacy and what that means for Windows 10 users. We’ll see what data Windows 10 can collect, what it does with that data, and how you can take control of any and all of that personal data.

PC web browser shootout: What’s the different between Edge, Firefox, Chrome...

As the most important application on most PCs and mobile devices, web browsers don’t just offer access to information and services, they have evolved into powerful communication and entertainment platforms. In this post, I take a look at Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari browser and see what makes each of them tick.

The simple way to better dental health

Does the idea of a dental visit make you cringe? You’re not alone: I suffer from dental stress too, but with these toothy tips from my very own dentist, you’ll be able to keep your teeth sparkling clean and cavity free.

Google Docs, Microsoft Word or Pages?

Word processing software has been a staple of the personal computer for as long as I can remember. It has become an essential productivity tool for many of us. Today we’ll take a look at three of the most popular word processors out there to see how they compare.

Why a 4K computer monitor makes even more sense than a...

Watching movies in 4K is awesome, but great as a 4K TV is, a 4K computer monitor connected to a PC that can drive it at full resolution can be even better.

Why add a second display?

One of the key features of your laptop is its compact, portable form factor. Open it up and you have a fully functional, self-contained PC, complete with a built-in monitor. Snap the lid closed and you can scoop it up and take it anywhere. So why would you want to add a second display? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? Actually, an external monitor is one of the best additions you can make to any laptop, and it’s a useful addition to a desktop PC as well.

The Ultimate PC Multimedia Setup

I’m a real PC geek at heart who’s built a couple of my own rigs over the years, and this month, I got to dream up my own ultimate PC multimedia setup to share with Plug-In Blog readers.

Prepare for that great Canadian winter: kitchen and dining room essentials

Last weekend I had a moment. I was sitting on my couch, watching Sunday football, sipping a cup of tea, and flipping through a crockpot recipe book, when it dawned on me that fall has officially arrived. While I’d normally lament the end of my favourite season, we had such a hot summer here on the west coast that I’m actually looking forward to it, and to the prospect of meals that include elements that are actually served hot and not eaten on an uncomfortable chair on my balcony. However, when preparing for a new season, things don’t just “fall” into place—you need to put them there. So to prepare your kitchen and dining room for the chillier season, I’ve put together a list of a few key ingredients you’ll need (see what I did there?).

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