Cooking can be fun, even calming. But for those who aren’t experienced cooks or who have trouble coming up with a consistent mix of great meal ideas, a little assistance is appreciated. You can get that with the Breville+ app, a comprehensive mobile app to use alongside compatible Breville appliances. Enhance your culinary skills, get inspired, and learn about the small appliances you’re using and the dishes you’re whipping up.

How to use the Breville+ app

To get started with the Breville+ app, you first need a compatible Breville appliance—a wonderful addition to any kitchen. These include a range of Breville ovens, air fryers, and even a sous vide machine. Then, simply download the app and add your appliance.

What will you find in the Breville+ app?

The Breville+ app, available through both the Google Play and Apple App Store, includes three main components: guided recipes, cook guides, and live and on-demand classes.

Guided recipes

Guided recipes

The Breville+ app offers more than 1,000 guided recipes from leading food content experts, including Breville’s own Test Kitchen as well as sources like America’s Test Kitchen, ChefSteps, New York Times Cooking, Serious Eats, Williams Sonoma Test Kitchen, and Sur La Table. The recipes cover a wide range of dishes, from succulent honey mustard chicken thighs to bite-off-the-bone air-fried Korean chicken wings and indulgently crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside chocolate chip cookies.

Breville+ partner chefs

The instructions are specific to Breville appliances, and the chefs making them are using the same appliances you’re using at home. The recipes are also curated for daily and seasonal inspiration, so you’ll find perfect dishes to cook around the holiday season, or side dishes that will make your summer barbecue a hit.

Get inspired to make Bananas Foster Crème Brûlée with chef Eric Adjepiong in the Breville Joule Oven, or try your hand at miso salmon or air-fried parmesan broccoli with lemon aioli in a Breville smart oven. Did you know you can make a sous vide burger? With the right guidance, you can! Is your mouth watering yet?

My cook guides

The app also includes handy cook guides to help make sure you’re using the right cook settings on the appliance you own for perfect results every time. There are shortcut instructions for favourite and commonly used ingredients. Tell the app what you want to cook and it will advise of the right time, temperature, and setting to cook each item in the Breville appliance you own.

Once again, the instructions are tailored to the specific appliance and based on detailed tests. So rather than follow a standard recipe guide, you’re following a guide that has been adjusted to suit the exact make and model, leaving no variable unaccounted for.

Live and on-demand classes

Live classes

Need more than step-by-step written instructions? There are live and on-demand classes hosted through the app. These include not only step-by-step directions for recipes but also the basics, like set-up and maintenance of the appliance. You can also learn about the fundamentals of cooking and baking, like what it means to proof dough before baking and why you do it, or the basics of broiling. The idea is to help you get the most out of the appliance, gain inspiration, and learn new things. Some of the courses I think are likely to be popular among downloaders and Breville appliance owners include Intro to Air Frying and Secrets to Stunning Pizza.

What Breville appliances work with the Breville+ app?

The Breville+ app is free to use with a purchase of the following models:

Breville Pizzaiolo
Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo

This dedicated countertop pizza oven allows you to enjoy the taste of custom-made wood-fired pizza from the comfort of your own kitchen. No take-out and charges for extra toppings necessary! It can reach temperatures as high as 750°F thanks to the integrated Element iQ system, so you get deliciously gooey pizza with a crispy, restaurant-quality crust every time.

Breville Joule oven air fryer pro
Breville Joule Oven Air Fryer Pro

A perfect microwave replacement, this compact kitchen appliance serves as both a mini oven as well as an air fryer. It has 13 smart presets as well as manual controls you can use when following recipes from this app. Plus, it’s connected so you can use voice commands to control and monitor your cook along with the handy app.

Breville smart oven air fryer

Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer

Functioning as a smart oven, convection oven, toaster, and air fryer in one, this model can make a wide range of dishes for both large and small groups using 11 smart cooking functions or manual modes. Able to reach temperatures as hot as 480°F, you can even cook two things at the same time at two temperatures using the Phase Cook feature. Ideal for busy families, working professionals, or kitchens with limited space, you can get the main dish and side done together to save time and energy.

Breville Smart Oven Pro
Breville Smart Oven Pro

With Element IQ technology and 10 preset cooking modes, this smart oven takes the guesswork out of cooking. Add the Breville+ app and take the experience to the next level by experimenting with new dishes you didn’t even know you could make or might not have otherwise had the confidence to try.

Breville Joule Turbo Sous Vide
Breville Joule Turbo Sous Vide

Get creative with your cooking using the French sous vide method that cooks low and slow for delectable, mouth-watering dishes every time. Since it’s totally connected, you can follow along with the step-by-step instructions, get progress updates, and even enjoy the Visual Doneness feature to see how the food should (and will!) look once done.


Breville Paradice food processor - 9-cup
Breville Paradice Food Processor – 9-Cup

A quick and easy way to handle food prep, like chopping vegetables or nuts, or to make sauces and dips, this food processor has a large 9-cup capacity, more than enough for a large family or gathering. It offers four speeds and comes with all the blades you need to slice, dice, even mix dough.

Breville Paradice food processor - 16-cup
Breville Paradice Food Processor – 16-Cup

A larger version of the food processor, this one is ideal for larger kitchen, those who entertain a lot, or who love to make big batches for freezing or weekly meal planning. It even comes with a grating disc for hard cheeses and a French fry disc for making your own homemade fries, ideal for cooking in the air fryer.

Breville Sous Chef Food Processor – 9-Cup

Perfect for smaller kitchens or if you want to tuck it away in a cupboard until you’re ready to use it, the Breville Sous Chef food processor is a small but mighty small appliance. Great for making single servings or dinner for two, the integrated storage caddy can hold all its colour-coded accessories when not in use. With a heavy-duty induction motor, this item is small yet powerful.

Breville Sous Chef food processor 12-cup
Breville Sous Chef Food Processor – 12-Cup

A great Goldilocks option that isn’t too small nor too big, the 12-cup Sous Chef model boasts 1,000 watts of power along with a large 5-inch feed chute to accommodate everything from a block of cheese or wide vegetables, like large carrots, as well as a smaller 1.5-inch one for adding things like oil to a homemade salad dressing.

Breville Sous Chef food processor - 16 cup
Breville Sous Chef Food Processor – 16-Cup

Create dishes to impress by following guides recipes with this food processor as your prep, well, sous chef. With 1,200 watts of power, it can handle just about anything. It holds enough for your huge summer barbecue or holiday season event and has two dozen settings. There’s pretty much nothing this machine can’t accomplish when it comes to food processing, from julienning vegetables for a restaurant-quality salad to whisking cream for your delicious pie.

Breville x Best Buy Food Masterclasses

Breville will be offering different masterclasses at select Best Buy store across Canada in April to complement this experience. Sign up for one in Ontario, BC, Alberta, or Québec to try it out in person, then rely on the app to guide you through your next culinary delight.

Get cooking with your mobile app sous chef

With the right Breville appliances in tow, the Breville+ app takes smart and efficient cooking to the next level. With both text-based guided recipe and live or on-demand classes, you can get the help you need to tackle dishes that will impress your family. The recipes are all designed to help you get the most out of your Breville appliance as well and ensure that you get great results by following the tried and tested steps.

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