Pre-Order NBA 2K15 for this “Thunder”-ous Kevin Durant bonus pack!

Oklahoma City Thunder (RIP Seattle Supersonics) superstar Kevin Durant factors heavily into NBA 2K15, and you can get some KD inspired wares, along with a nice headstart for your created superstar if you pre-order the game online now.  Want to know what they are?  Read on to find out.

Review: ZAGG folio for ipad and ipad mini

Now that Microsoft is offering a version of its ubiquitous Office productivity suite for the iPad, Apple’s tablets are even closer to being a device that can be used for getting serious work done. Mouse support and multi-window functionality in a future iOS version would be nice, but with a decent Bluetooth wireless keyboard, an iPad does a pretty good job these days. I took one of the best-known iPad keyboard solutions for a test run and was impressed by just how good the experience can be. The ZAGGkeys Folio not only offers a compelling Bluetooth keyboard, but it mounts it in a clamshell enclosure that transforms the iPad into an ultra-portable laptop. How well does the ZAGGkeys Folio work? I wrote this post (over 1,000 words) using a ZAGGkeys Folio and my iPad Mini with Retina Display and it was virtually as fast as my usual PC-based writing setup.  

ZAGG Invisible Shield Glass for iPad reviewed

Mobile electronics like smartphones and tablets are great, but it doesn’t matter who makes them, they all share one weak spot: the display. That big, bright screen is prone to scratches and with touch operation, it’s a magnet for fingerprints. Annoying as they are, the smudges can at least be cleaned off, but once your display is scratched, it’s scratched. The only real option you have is to replace it —and that is an expensive proposition. The ZAGG Invisible Shield Glass is an ultrathin slab of tempered glass you apply on top of your display for complete protection against scratches and resistance to fingerprints. I tested out versions for the iPad Mini with Retina Display and iPad Air and ZAGG Invisible Shield Glass is now on my must-have list for future device purchases.

Review: Was Wolfenstein: The New Order worth the 20 year wait?

It’s been a really long time since Wolfenstein was a thing, though for many FPS gamers, it was the first. Some 22 years after the original Wolfenstein 3D graced our 286 computers and sound blasters, Bethesda are now the rightsholders and bring it back in Wolfenstein: The New Order. But was it worth the wait, and is this just poorly rehashed nostalgia? Read on to find out.

From Tablet to TV: Microsoft’s All-in-One Media Keyboard

Today, a wireless keyboard is far more than just a computing peripheral. It can be used on-the-go with a tablet, for game-play and entertainment with a gaming console, and even as an integral part of the living room with a smart TV.

Intel NUC Review: Big Possibilities in a Tiny Package

Intel doesn’t usually get involved in PC manufacturing. Components —especially the CPUs that power computers and mobile devices— are its bread and butter. But with the NUC (or Next Unit of Computing), Intel is going most of the way towards offering its own, intel-branded PC. I say most of the way because what you get out of an Intel NUC box isn’t a functioning PC, but a kit that provides much of what you need to build a capable computer, in a tiny package. Lacking essentials like storage, RAM, Wi-Fi card and an operating system, the Intel NUC is about as barebones as retail PCs get, yet its elegant design and powerful CPU make for a very capable little mini PC —once you assemble the pieces you need and install them.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Aims to Be “The Tablet That Can...

Microsoft held a press event in New York today and while all the buzz was around the possibility of a smaller Surface tablet, Microsoft went the opposite direction. The Surface Pro 3 was unveiled and instead of shrinking, Microsoft’s latest professional tablet got bigger. At 12-inches, it rivals the Samsung Galaxy NotePRO 12.2, but uses a fourth generation Intel Haswell processor to run Windows 8.1 Pro. Despite the massive display, it’s thin, lightweight and Microsoft is positioning it as not just a tablet, but a full-fledged laptop replacement.

Kickback on the couch with Microsoft’s Media Keyboard

Enjoy your media content, the way you really want to. While kicking back on the couch. In order to navigate media from different devices (as there are so many to choose from), why not simplify and get one device that is easy to use. The All-in-One Media Keyboard from Microsoft will make it even easier to access all your media content and save you money all while you kick back on the couch.

Review: Canon SELPHY CP910 printer is a lightweight, portable, wireless printer

Let your tween share all her fun moments with the SELPHY CP910 printer from Canon. This compact and portable printer is designed to print out all those selfies, instagram and smartphone photos using a wireless connection.   Get all those cherished photos out of the phone and into your photo albums or scrapbook . It’s the perfect gift for the tween girl in your life. Hand this over and you’ll be the cool adult in her life.

Galaxy Tab 4 preview

Samsung has been on a tablet roll lately. The company leads the Android tablet pack and with 20 percent of all tablets sold worldwide in 2013 and the crown as the biggest tablet maker is within reach. Earlier this year, I reviewed three of Samsung’s PRO model tablets. Those were awesome products for those in the market for a high end device, but Samsung is also paying attention to those who don’t necessarily need an ultra high resolution 359 ppi display or the latest screaming fast mobile processor. This time we take a preview look at the Galaxy Tab 4 range, a new trio of Android tablets from Samsung aimed squarely at the casual use crowd.

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