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Linksys Velop Wi-Fi networking system review

In calling it “Velop,” Linksys has designed this mesh Wi-Fi networking system to envelop a home with better throughput to enable users to get more out of their Internet connection. With easier setup and management courtesy of a newer app, and blanketing performance, this is a router system that delivers as advertised.

Samsung Galaxy Book 12-inch and 10-inch tablets review

Convertible tablets have had a hard time winning out as 2-in-1 laptop replacements, but Samsung thinks it put together the right combination with its latest Galaxy Books.

A Kobo Arc for all your reading needs

When it comes to e-readers and tablets, Kobo has grown from an underdog competing against the Kindle to a leading manufacturer that also happens to operate a top notch e-bookstore. The current line-up of Kobo Arc tablets is particularly attractive, offering performance, brilliant high resolution displays, full access to Android apps and combined this with Kobo’s e-book expertise. Kobo has positioned the Arc line as the best tablet choice for readers. But which Kobo Arc is the right choice for you? In this post, I explore the differences between the Kobo Arc 7HD, Kobo Arc 10HD and the Kobo Arc 7.  

Smartphone, tablet or laptop? The case for choosing a smartphone as...

If you had to choose only one device to take with you, be it a smartphone, tablet or laptop, which would you go with? There is perhaps no more personal—or versatile—a device as a smartphone. I would argue that the increasing power, screen size and app selection make it hard not to consider it as the go-to choice above all others.

Desktop or laptop: which computer is better for gaming?

Laptops do offer a considerably more portable option for users and can also tap into productivity and entertainment functionality. Any desktop PC can enable these tasks provided you don't mind being tethered to a desk.

Asus ZenBook 3 Deluxe review

Asus adds some extra screen size, along with key additions inside and out to improve upon the original and give this ZenBook 3 its Deluxe name.

Grad gifts they will take with them everywhere

Your kid has finally graduated, is going off into the big wide world, and you’re looking for a grad gift that says “I know you, I love you… but I’m not buying you a car.” Seriously, here are a few suggestions for graduation gifts that your kid will actually use, and have with them everywhere they go.

The gift of storage: options starting under $10

What do you get the PC or Mac user who has everything? Storage! Even in the days of cheap cloud storage, nothing beats having all your data—pictures, videos, files and music—available quickly and on demand. And no-one ever has too much storage. I’ve put together a list of great, storage-themed gift options.

Asus gives gamers some new tools to play with at CES...

Asus believes it has the kind of newer designs and concepts gamers are looking for, and the company showcased what’s coming in 2019 here in Las Vegas.

Turn Your Tablet into an Entertainment Swiss Army Knife

Watching streaming video through Netflix or YouTube is easily the most popular and thought of video-related activity people use their tablets for. But your tablet can become an invaluable tool to augment your video entertainment experience in so many ways.

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