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Top gaming laptops for Back to school

Summer is nearly over and since it's time to start shopping for the return to academia, let me show you my picks for the top gaming laptops for back to school.

Enter to win the amazing new Microsoft Surface Studio computer

Enter to win an amazing Surface Studio computer and the versatile control offered by the Surface Dial. See the details here, then enter on Facebook.

How to protect your data like a pro

Given the amount of money we spend on things like smartphones, tablets and PCs it’s understandable that physical protection—cases, covers, screen protectors and laptop bags—are big business. What’s on these devices is often overlooked, though. If your basement floods and your PC is submerged you can buy a new PC. If you haven’t backed up the data on that computer’s drive, you have a much bigger problem and files like your digital photos, school work  and music could be gone for good. Don’t let that happen. Here’s how to protect your data like a pro.

ASUS Chromebook Flip review

Is it a tablet, or a Chromebook? The ASUS Flip is both! But does it manage to do both things well? Read this review and find the answer you're looking for.

Top 5 tax questions answered during recent Twitter chat

It’s tax season, and while we at TurboTax adore this time of year as we get to help millions of Canadians get their taxes done right, we know that most people don’t get quite as giddy as we do about taxes. We’ve compiled a list of the top five burning questions you had for us during our recent #taxtalk Twitter chat with the Best Buy team. We hope they help you better understand your taxes.   

Whole Home Wi-Fi systems are perfect for any home

Whole Home Wi-Fi (also known as mesh networking) is the big trend in in-home Internet connectivity, having made an impact last year. Spreading out the connection you’re paying for can get a boost from a whole home Wi-Fi system that acts less as an extension and more like a true net.

When do you need a really big SD memory card?

   Chances are you have a handful of SD and microSD memory cards kicking around in a drawer or installed in a variety of devices. And chances are they’re pretty low capacity, like 4GB or maybe 16GB. That was plenty of storage a few years ago, but now? Not so much. High capacity SD cards like Lexar’s new 200GB microSD card are becoming much more common. But when do you actually need a really big SD memory card?

Canon Ivy Mini Wireless Photo Printer review

I've said it before and I'll say it again: today, most things are instant. The Canon Ivy lets you print from your phone in just seconds. 

How to get the best PC gaming experience: choosing headphones and...

A digital world full of astounding and amazing sounds and you’re missing most of them. Time to throw the old tin can speakers out and upgrade to a sound solution worthy of your gaming rig. Ask the right questions and you’ll find the answers that will lead you to the perfect piece of audio gear. 

Get the most out of your Surface Pro with accessories

On its own, Microsoft’s Surface Pro is an excellent and high-powered tablet. However, if you want to take your Surface experience to the next level—even replacing your laptop—accessories are key to taking full advantage of its capabilities.

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