Your operating system is like the foundation of your house in two specific ways. First, you only pay attention to them when there’s a problem. Your foundation becomes the most important thing in the world to you when your house starts to lean precariously to one side. Your OS becomes a priority when you suddenly lose all your files. And second, they are boring as dirt. Only the most technologically focused users out there can list their favourite OS features. But the times are changing with Microsoft’s new Windows 10 Creators Update. New tools and features bring new life to the most important but most ignored software on your computer. Here are five ways that the update will rejuvenate your PC and the wondrous activities you accomplish with it.

1.Windows 10 Mixed Reality

I’m going out on a limb by picking this as the top feature, because the actual details about it are scarce. But the promise of using virtual reality to augment your everyday PC use experience is potentially game-changing. It will all depend on Microsoft’s software partners to include mixed reality in their design plans, but if they do, hold on to your hat. The future will be here.

2.Cortana is Everywhere

The battle for best virtual assistant is ongoing, between Alexa, Siri at Apple, and Cortana at Microsoft. Strangely, Google didn’t give their virtual assistant, Google Assistant, a more personal name. The Windows 10 creator update improves Cortana’s integration with your apps. That means you can easily add to and update your task lists without switching out of the app to the desktop. And as we all know, a list only works if you keep it up to date.

3.Paint 3D

Are you ready to make 3D art? You better be, because the Creators Update gives you the power. The humble Paint app has been a constant companion to each version of Windows. This update modernizes the program and gives it the capacity to create  three dimensional images. Why does 3D matter? I’ll tell you why: mixed reality. The 3D images you create can then be added to your virtual workspace, floating in the air in front of you and manipulated to your heart’s content. Oh, and it works with the Surface pen. Time to doodle!

4.Integrated Sharing

Content creation is nice. Sharing that newly created content is fantastic. The Windows 10 Creators Update integrates two sharing mechanisms for your convenience. Remix 3D allows you to share out that brand new 3D art, or grab a piece of 3D art from another community member to modify and remix. And for sharing and watching game streams, Windows 10 now has Beam, an interactive livestreaming platform. The ability to seamlessly share content without switching to another application makes the experience more immersive.

5.Turn Down the Blue

Let’s get literal for a moment. Your eyes get tired when you stare at a computer screen for hours on end, especially at night. One of the reasons for this fatigue is the amount of blue light given off by your screen. This new feature will allow you to reduce the amount of blue light, allowing your eyes to rest and improving your nighttime sleep. Also, if you happen to be recovering from a concussion, blue light can aggravate your symptoms.

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