How to set up multiple monitors for your computer

When it comes to sitting down in front of your computer, the more screen real estate you have, the better—especially if you have more than one monitor. Here’s how to set up multiple monitors for your computer.

BenQ P-series 32 inch monitor review

The BenQ 32" 4K LED Monitor strikes the right balance between providing amazing professional functionality and being a dependable day to day monitor.

Enter the ProArt series 4K Monitor contest from ASUS and Best...

 Computer monitors, like television sets, have undergone a huge revolution in design and technological innovation over the past 10 years. The ASUS ProArt series of monitors are great examples of how fantastic they have become. They have a stunning 4K resolution and ultra-fast refresh rates so photographs and video are brilliantly clear and realistic. Any photography or video professional would love to work on this monitor. Editing using one of these monitors is easier than ever; the results are more precise too. Enter this contest on Facebook and you can nominate a photographer or videographer you know to win one of these monitors.

Review: ASUS 34” ROG Swift Ultrawide Curved IPS G-Sync Gaming Monitor

With its wide panoramic 34" display, wide colour range and curved display, is this ASUS Republic of Gamers monitor the ultimate gamer experience?

Review: BenQ SW2700PT 27″ Colour Monitor for Photographers

 Not all monitors are created equal, and in fact, some monitors are now designed for very specific purposes. The BenQ SW2700PT 27″ colour monitor is designed specifically for photographers and video editors. Does it live up to this lofty goal? What other features make it stand out in this space? Read on to find out all that you can expect with this monitor and maybe learn just a little of what you didn’t expect.

Review: Samsung CF591 27″ Frameless, Curved Monitor [Video]

 Computer monitors have come a long way since the green and amber screen monochrome views into the digital world we once had. You might have heard about curved screens and how effective they are, especially with gaming. This article explores that and more.  

The many benefits of upgrading to a new computer monitor

 Looking for a way to kickstart your PC experience? Don’t overlook the monitor. One of the easiest components of your computer to replace, it also delivers a big “bang for the buck” upgrade experience. And that’s not just limited a pretty picture. I’ve put together a list of ways a new monitor can boost your overall PC experience.

Review: Samsung CF391 32″ Curved Monitor [Video]

 Curved monitors promise to ease the eye-strain and deliver a more enhanced gaming experience on your PC. Some people are not sure about how well curved monitors actually work, so make sure you read on to find out Syd Bolton’s experience with the Samsung CF391 32″ monitor and watch the included video to help make your own conclusions.

ASUS ROG Swift PG348Q curved, ultra-wide, Quad HD gaming monitor coming...

PC gamers who have been waiting for the monitor of their dreams are about to be very happy. The amazing new ROG Swift PG348Q curved, ultra-wide, Quad HD monitor from ASUS Republic of Gamers will be available for pre-order from Best Buy. Even better, Best Buy has a limited number of these monitors available as part of a unique PC gaming bundle that includes some of the hottest gaming PCs on the planet.  

Be more productive with your PC: Upgrade to a widescreen monitor

Are you looking to wow your bosses with your superb work ethic, but aren’t exactly sure how to squeeze out extra productivity at the office without having to clone yourself? It turns out you can actually “see” your way to wasting less time at work and be more productive with your PC by upgrading to a widescreen monitor.

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