March 31 is world backup day, so here’s how to keep...

You might forget how painful it is to deal with missing data. On March 31 (world backup day) remember that pain and take steps to keep your data safe.

Why a PC backup plan should be your New Year resolution

Don't lose your important data in 2018! I'll show you why a PC backup plan should be your New Year resolution.

How to protect your data using PC backup software

If your PC crashed tomorrow, would you easily be able to recover the data and restore it exactly to its pre-crash condition? What about if its hard drive died, or the computer was stolen. What if you were locked out using ransomware? In this post I’ll explain the importance of data backup and show you different options for protecting your data using PC backup software.

How to get the best PC gaming experience: choosing a hard...

One of the most important components in a gaming PC is also one of the most overlooked: storage. Killer video cards, monster CPUs and wide-screen monitors tend to get all the attention, but the hard drive also has a big impact on your gaming experience. It’s also one of the easiest components to change, and one where making a switch can have a big impact. Here’s how you choose a hard drive to get the best PC gaming experience.

Student tech tips: always have a thumb drive handy

When we talk students and technology, we often focus on the big stuff like laptops, tablets and smartphones. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned as part of having three kids work their way through elementary school and into high school, it’s that a little piece of inexpensive technology is indispensable: a thumb drive. From “sneaker-netting” assignments between school PCs and home to collaborating on assignments with other students, USB thumb drives are indispensable. Here’s what you need to know.  

Edit and save your memories with Nero

We post data online, or send it via our phone, yet this information is often just lost in space. In fact, some people say this generation will be one of lost memories.  Nero is a solution to save memories and at the same time make more out of them. Read to learn more about how Nero can help you make the most of your digital memories.  

Lyve Home: secure, onsite photo and video storage with display capability

One of the most used features on any smartphone is its camera. Photo sharing site Flickr published stats showing the three most frequently used cameras among its members for 2014 were Apple iPhones. And if you own a smartphone, you are no doubt aware of the cloud-based photo storage and sharing your platform offers for free. You’ve also likely heard about related security concerns. Enter the Lyve Home, an innovative device/app combo that automatically backs up all your digital photos (and videos) to a secure hard drive, organizes them into a single library, displays them (think digital photo frame) and lets you share them as well.

Buying a laptop: what you should know about memory and storage

When buying any PC, memory and storage are important. With a laptop, even more so, since upgrading after the fact may not be an option. You want to get it right, but there are lot of acronyms, numbers and technical terms in play. In this piece I’ll cover off what you should know about memory and storage when buying a laptop, including RAM, VRAM, ROM, SSDs and cloud storage.

SSD vs. HDD: The Scoop on Storage


SSD and HDD: Two acronyms you’ll frequently see during discussions of computers and their specs. What’s the difference between the two, which one is better and why is SSD showing up more frequently these days? In this post, I’ll tackle those questions and provide the details you need to make an informed choice when it comes time to choose between the two computer storage options.

Western Digital My Cloud Review: The Best Thing to Happen to...


Many of us have more data than we know what to do with. Digital photos, digital movies, MP3s and old school stuff like documents and spreadsheets can start to take up a lot of space on your PC. On your smartphone or tablet, it’s even worse —a lot of those photos get snapped on a smartphone and with limited storage, it doesn’t take long to fill them up. Cloud storage is always an option, but then you’re at the mercy of the provider and there may be charges associated with the service. Western Digital offers a compelling alternative —a “personal cloud”— with its My Cloud series of network hard drives. I tested a 3TB My Cloud drive and came away convinced that this is the best thing to happen to hard drives since USB.