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Dashcam 101: What you need to know to get started

A Dashcam can be a great new addition to your car. Whether you want to capture your adventures, or want some in-car security, a Dashcam can be a fun and inexpensive add-on to your daily drive. Best Buy now offers a full range, including names like Papago, Blackvue and even The Original Dash Cam. Come find out and learn more about Dashcams.

A Beginner’s Guide to Dashcams

Have you been curious about dashcams and wondered what all the fuss was about? Let’s take a look at them and why you might want one. 

Go hands-free in any car with new Pioneer audio decks

Distracted driving has become a big problem now that we all have smartphones. With all your music on your phone, texts coming in nonstop, directions to where you are going right there on your phone display and the occasional voice call coming in, it’s really tempting to pick up that iPhone and look. Don’t do it. Using a hand held device while driving a vehicle is illegal in every province (except Nunavut). And it’s just plain dangerous. However, there is a solution and a pretty elegant one at that. Upgrade your in-car entertainment system with a new Pioneer audio deck and go hands-free!

Rexing V1, V1 Max, & V1P Max 4K Dash Cams review

Check out the Rexing V1, V1P, and V1P Max Dash Cams with 4K recording & a diverse suite of other features for both novice and intermediate dash cam owners!

Why you should consider Premium Dash Cams

There are dash cams, and then there are premium dash cams. Join me today for a look at why drivers should consider investing in superior quality dash cams.

Garmin dēzl GPS Truck Navigation System review

The Garmin dēzl GPS Truck Navigator is a large-screen GPS with voice control, smart notifications, and features designed for the semi driver.

Wagan Tech IonBoost V8: Perfect portable roadside assistance

Can the Wagan Tech Ion Boost V8, a portable emergency roadside kit that claims to jumpstart a dead car battery all on its own, help protect your loved ones? I asked an aircraft structural mechanic to check out the device and give me her professional opinion. What will an engine expert think of the Wagan Tech?  Check out our video test.

Review: Roav Bolt and Viva Pro Smart USB Car charger

If you like the convenience of having a virtual assistant in your home, then see if you want to take one on the road with my review of the Roav Bolt & Viva Pro Smart USB Car Charger.

Thinkware Q800PRO dash cam review

The Q800PRO has a host of features that can help protect you and your vehicle. After an extensive test on the streets of Toronto here's my full review.

How to choose the right radar detector for you

When choosing a radar detector, there are a few things to consider—like features and local traffic laws. Here are some tips that can help you decide.

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