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Nextbase 622GW 4K dash cam review

Need to keep watch on driving for business or road trips? A dash cam can help. Nextbase has a new 4K dash cam. Is it a good buy? My review.

Prepare for daylight saving and enter for a chance to win...

Be ready for daylight saving time (DST) with a dash cam like the many we are giving away in this contest.

How to choose the right radar detector for you

When choosing a radar detector, there are a few things to consider—like features and local traffic laws. Here are some tips that can help you decide.

Car tech for commuting fun, safety and productivity

For some, the car is more than just a tool, it’s a way of life. There are commuters on the road, parents shuttling kids from long school days to endless activities, and road trippers for whom a traffic jam is an opportunity to slow down and take it all in. No matter which profile you fit, there are gadgets you can stash in your car to make life easier.

Review of the Dual Camera Thinkware X700 Dashcam

Find out more about the Thinkware X700 Dual Camera Dashcam System, featuring 1080p 30 frame per second recording, sound, and advanced night vision.

Garmin Drive 53 GPS navigator review

The Garmin Drive 53 is a standalone GPS navigator provides turn-by-turn directions without the distractions of a smartphone.

Nextbase 422GW dash cam review

With easy mounting, high quality video, and a user-friendly 2.5" LCD touchsceen, the Nextbase 422GW dash cam is a great choice for your vehicle.

myGEKOGear Moto Snap motorcycle dash cam review

myGEKOGear Moto Snap is a 1080p dash cam with rechargeable battery. It's designed for motorcycles and other recreational vehicles.

Wagan Tech IonBoost V8: Perfect portable roadside assistance

Can the Wagan Tech Ion Boost V8, a portable emergency roadside kit that claims to jumpstart a dead car battery all on its own, help protect your loved ones? I asked an aircraft structural mechanic to check out the device and give me her professional opinion. What will an engine expert think of the Wagan Tech?  Check out our video test.

Thinkware Q1000 dash cam system review

The Thinkware Q1000 dash cam system features two high powered 1440p dash cams and a wealth of features that make it a definite stand out.