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Wagan Tech IonBoost V8: Perfect portable roadside assistance

Can the Wagan Tech Ion Boost V8, a portable emergency roadside kit that claims to jumpstart a dead car battery all on its own, help protect your loved ones? I asked an aircraft structural mechanic to check out the device and give me her professional opinion. What will an engine expert think of the Wagan Tech?  Check out our video test.

Waze vs. Google Maps: Which app directs traffic better on the...

We now have mapping apps that are capable of turn-by-turn directions, up to the minute traffic updates, and even crowdsourced updates as well as machine learning models for improved navigation.

Review of the Dual Camera Thinkware X700 Dashcam

Find out more about the Thinkware X700 Dual Camera Dashcam System, featuring 1080p 30 frame per second recording, sound, and advanced night vision.

Drive Safely With Nonda

Today we take a look at some of the cool gadgets from Nonda that help you upgrade your car and take advantage of some neat technologies.

Dashcam 101: What you need to know to get started

A Dashcam can be a great new addition to your car. Whether you want to capture your adventures, or want some in-car security, a Dashcam can be a fun and inexpensive add-on to your daily drive. Best Buy now offers a full range, including names like Papago, Blackvue and even The Original Dash Cam. Come find out and learn more about Dashcams.

Dashcam Comparison by Features: Get the Most Bang for Your Buck!

Today I follow up on 2 recent dashboard camera articles by other Bloggers (such as Dashcam 101: What you need to know to get started by Paliontology) to let you know what general features you can expect to find within each of 3 dashcam price / quality ranges. I selected the ranges myself and will confess that they are completely arbitrary, but they should give you some idea of what you can expect to receive in either a low, a medium, or a high end dashcam. So if you’ve been thinking of joining the dashcam revolution, step on in and learn all about this awesome emerging technology!

Rexing Dashcams Introduction and a review of the M1

In this article, you'll find out more about Rexing Dashcams, including a full review of front and rear M1 camera

Thinkware F800 PRO dash cam review

I spent most of the winter testing out a Thinkware F800 PRO dashcam in my wife’s car, and now I think I need one for my ride as well.

Review of the Dual Camera JS Dash Pro Dashcam

The JS Dash Pro Dashcam features both front and rear cameras, an easy to use plug and play design, and features full sound recording too!

A Beginner’s Guide to Dashcams

Have you been curious about dashcams and wondered what all the fuss was about? Let’s take a look at them and why you might want one. 

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