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I love a good road trip. Who doesn’t? If you’re anything like me, you’re probably looking forward to spring and summer and thinking about getting out on the open road and going to see places you haven’t seen before. To help you in this venture, today I present several pieces of great road trip tech that are sure to enhance your trip and make it easier and more fun to reach your destination. Join me below for a look at GPS devices, dash cameras, satellite radios, and a whole lot more.


GPS & Accessories

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One of the most helpful things one can take along on any road trip to parts unknown can be found in the product category of GPS and Accessories. When you’re planning to drive some place that you haven’t been to before, a GPS system is one of the best tools you can bring along. These digital road maps will tell you where you are and help you get where you’re going.

Depending on the GPS model you choose, you may find minor differences in features and specs, but with most such devices you’ll enjoy such benefits as the latest and most up to date maps, audible directions, an LCD touchscreen display, continually updating ETAs, and live traffic updates to help you avoid congestion and delays—just to name a few. Having used GPS devices many times myself in places that were new to me, I can vouch both for their usefulness and their effectiveness. You just can’t get lost with a good GPS on hand!


Dash cameras

Another useful little item when you’re going on the road is a Dash Camera. These handy devices can protect you in innumerable ways as your journey unfolds. For example, if you’re involved in an accident that isn’t your fault, your dash cam is the most reliable witness you can have. It sees everything that happens and is ready, willing, and able to testify to it thanks to its constant recording.

And in the case of most every dash cam today, that recording is bound to be in very high HD quality. This, along with other useful features like wide angle views and plenty of microSD storage space, mean you’ll be protected from liability throughout your road trip. What’s more, many people today actually use their dash cams to document their adventures, as well as to protect their vehicle when it’s parked and they’re not even in it.


Satellite radio & accessories

To keep you entertained (and up to date on everything that’s going on in the world) on your next road trip, a whole slew of Satellite Radio & Accessories awaits your perusal.

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Among them are examples of complete satellite radio kits like the one shown above (the SiriusXM XEZ1V1KC Onyx EZ Satellite Radio with Vehicle Kit), which has features like access to your favourite Sirius XM channels, a display screen to show you what song and artist you’re listening to, and 10 preset channels so you can easily navigate to your favourites. It even has parental controls so you can manage what kind go content your family has access to. With a satellite radio installed in your vehicle, you can enjoy all the channels you listen to at home—wherever else you may go!


In-car smart speakers

This particular category, which is coming soon to Best Buy, will give you access to a smart voice assistant (such as Amazon’s Alexa) right in the comfort of your car. In other words, all the amazing things you’re already able to do with smart speakers at home, now you can also do in your car. For instance, ask Alexa to play a particular song or audiobook, or ask for an audible weather forecast for where you are or where you plan to be.

While on the road, you might ask questions like where the nearest coffee shop is, or how far you are away from a particular town or city, or for nearby gas prices so you can select the best place to stop—among many other questions. Since in-car smart speakers use your existing smart phone’s plan and apps, the possibilities are truly endless, and how you employ them is entirely up to you. Note: I’ll update this post with a link to Best Buy’s selection once it becomes available.


Item tracking devices

If you’ve ever left your car keys or some other important item behind in a restaurant or a friend’s house, a couple of Item Tracking Devices are a must have for your next road trip. Attach one to your keys, another to your smart phone, and hide one in your wallet (just in case you lose it somewhere).

These little devices can be real lifesavers when something important goes missing! With their own dedicated app to help you find whatever it is you’ve misplaced, they can save you hours of frantic searching. They’re also so small and lightweight that you won’t even notice them on your keychain or wherever else you keep them, but when the time comes that you finally need their help, they’ll be right there to assist you.


Portable phone chargers and related accessories

No road trip would be complete without the of ability to use your phone and other portable electronic devices as much as you may want or need to. While your car can probably charge one or two smart phones at a time, if you’re riding with a full crew, having another way to keep those devices charged and ready for use could be invaluable. For instance, Power Banks like the one shown above are a great item to pack, as are USB Car Chargers and Bluetooth & Handsfree Devices.

Of course, there are many other such gadgets that can also enhance your road trip experience—or just make your life easier as you cruise the open road. I’d suggest checking out Best Buy’s Cell Phone Accessories page for many more useful ideas.


If you’re planning a road trip for this spring or summer, there’s still lots of time to get all your plans in order and make sure you have everything you need to make your trip fun and fulfilling. But before you hit the road, give Best Buy a look and consider what you might want to bring along with you to make your trip a success—particularly items in the realm of GPS, Car Electronics, & Satellite Radio. Happy trails!

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