If you’re a fan of listening to the radio but you want better audio quality and more listening options, a SiriusXM Roady BT satellite radio might be the device you’re looking for. SiriusXM is offering a unique upgrade to the conventional car radio with this easy-to-use, universal car radio. After installing the Roady BT, you’ll experience better dynamic range, audio clarity, and a consistent static-free connection to their satellite network.

Whether you’re looking for a quality upgrade, or want to replace a faulty radio system in your car, you can find everything you’ll need to know about the Roady BT in this review.

SiriusXM Roady BT features

  • Connects to your car using a single power adapter and AUX cable
  • Controls to pause, rewind, and replay live radio content
  • Easy-to-read LED screen with bright colours
  • Universal mounting on your dash, vent, or with an adhesive magnet
  • Saved channel presets for accessing your most listened-to stations
  • Notifications for your favourite content playing on any station
  • Day and night settings for easier viewing at a glance in any light condition

Unboxing the Roady BT satellite radio

Unboxing of the Roady BT satellite radio, with all the parts laid out over a desk

This radio system comes with everything you’ll need to get started streaming SiriusXM right away. There are multiple options to choose where to mount your Roady BT. Included in the box are a vent mount, sticky mount, alcohol wipes, power, and AUX cables, as well as a power connector and the magnetic satellite mount. The only thing missing that you might need is a radio adapter mentioned in the instructions—that’s only if you still want to listen to your car’s local radio stations through this device.

Everything is packaged separately, letting you keep each part secured away while you complete the installation process step by step. The manual was also very extensive with photos that helped when I was first understanding how to use it. It include directions on the best ways to set up the device in different interiors, and there are also directions on how to install the satellite receiving mount on any vehicle type.

Setting up your SiriusXM Roady BT

While it took a bit of time to fully set up, this is one of the most accessible satellite radios to install into your vehicle. It requires no alterations or re-wiring whatsoever, aside from how tidy you want the cables to look. It needs only a simple sticky pad or vent mount to clip onto your radio, so you can quickly plug in the power adapter and you’re all set to go. The only thing left to do is remove the protective cover, after which you remove the cables and tuck them out of the way before driving.

The trickiest part I dealt with was the satellite transmitter mounted on the top of the car. It required me to route the cable from the top of my car to the inside. To prevent damage to the cable in bad weather you can tuck it under the moulding of the roof of your car. This provides a much cleaner look that won’t distract from the car’s decor. The instructions were fairly helpful for this but I’d recommend watching a video on your model of car to get a better visual example, as the wording can be a bit confusing to visualize without photos.

Benefits of a car satellite radio

SiriusXM Roady BT category view for some of the many stations offered by the SiriusXM service.

If you’re like me, the first thing you might have asked yourself is, why do I need an external radio if my car already has one built-in? While it’s true a regular radio is fine on its own, the Roady BT offers access to the expansive SiriusXM satellite radio network. This network allows you to access live sports commentary, news, podcasts, and of course, plenty of music from all over the country right in your car. It also provides much better audio quality and a consistent connection without worrying about your favourite songs turning into a static mess. 

It’s important to know that, while SiriusXM service is required to use the Roady BT, you do have to purchase it separately before you get access to it. This can be done either on their website or by calling them, and there are options for monthly or yearly subscriptions. While the need for a subscription may come as a surprise to some, the amount of content it provides with zero to few commercials makes it worth it for most. Especially when you compare it to the cost of other music-listening services available. If you’re already subscribed to other audio services, your can transfer it over to this device online.

SiriusXM Roady BT feature settings and options to customize your device for a more personalized experience.

Using the Roady BT satellite radio

The Roady BT comes with several hardware features that might make it a worthwhile addition to your car. The most important feature is the screen that shows what song you’re listening to, the station it’s on, and even the album art. Next to the screen, there’s a handy set of buttons to control your BT Radio. They allow you to scroll and change songs on a whim in one condensed place, as opposed to some of the more spread-out button-wall designs of old car radios.

The main way you’ll be experiencing the Roady BT is through its bright LED screen and radial buttons. It has display options for easy viewing at any time of day. One of the best ways you’ll be using these buttons is by rewinding and pausing any live song on SiriusXM’s stations. You can also use the setting options to set up notifications when your favourite artists or songs are playing on one of the many available stations. 

There are plenty of personalization options included for your SiriusXM radio. You can save your favourite stations and categorize them for easy swapping on the go. This avoids the hassle of changing stations and removes the need to fine-tune the frequency of a standard radio. My favourite part of using this device would definitely be the commercial-free listening, which is so much better than the constant interruptions in your music when listening to regular radio stations.

Bluetooth for wireless audio

One of the biggest features I haven’t mentioned yet is its Bluetooth connectivity. While it’s described as a Bluetooth receiver, unfortunately, you can’t use your phone to stream music into your car with the Roady as an interface. It does let you however, pair the Roady with either your car’s wireless head speaker or an external Bluetooth-capable one. For a device that already helps you avoid dealing with pulling your car apart to wire your new radio, it’s a great feature. If you want an easy audio upgrade, it allows you to avoid the hassle of installing a sound system by getting a completely wireless external speaker.

Final thoughts

I believe the Roady BT is one of the best satellite radio gadgets out there. It’s easy to set up and available at a reasonable price point compared to other types. While a device made solely for radio may not be for everyone, if you’re a fan of tuning in and want more options for exploring music, it’s an easy choice to make. Again, there is the required subscription service cost, and you should look at all the networks SiriusXM provides access to when considering this radio.

I will admit that I was hoping I could wirelessly stream audio from my phone using the Roady as an interface, but I understand not having this feature given it was designed specifically for the SiriusXM service. The Bluetooth functionality is great when paired with an external head unit, Bluetooth speaker, or even your car’s own audio system if it’s compatible. It gives you the ability to combine the better audio signal of satellite radio with the improved bass and overall quality of a powerful external speaker. It would completely change the way you listen to the radio as you know it.

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