Kid studying The best way to plan for the back-to-school rush is to get everything organized for school supplies right now. All it takes is a half-hour or hour of planning or shopping and you’ll be set.

Whether you have a child heading to elementary school, you’re off to college, or you’re looking for tools for continuous learning, Best Buy has you covered. Here’s a checklist of back to school essentials for every student heading back to school in five main categories: storage, snacks, homework help, teacher supply checklist, and health and safety.

Storage to keep you organized

Heading back to school means choosing items you can use to store your homework, lunch, and laptops. A backpack is the perfect storage choice when you’re on the go.

The perfect backpack for back to school

backpacks for back to school

There’s a lot of choice in kids’ backpacks this year, and you may want to choose a hybrid backpack that works for both school and any after-school or home school excursions you’ll take. You’ll find great bags in your child’s favourite character.

For tablet sleeves and backpacks for teens, you’ll want to see what’s new with Herschel. It’s a Canadian brand that’s trendy and stylish. Take a look at this blog post if you’d like to read more on backpacks and see a few that do double-duty.

Take your snacks on the go

Water, snacks, and a hot drink; when you have the right gear, you can take your favourite food or beverages with you.

Lunch kits for back to class

lunch kits for back to schoolSoft sided, hard sided, or drawstring lunch kits keep your food fresher than a paper bag. Take a look at all the types of lunch kits you can choose. You may even find one with your favourite characters.

Soup or coffee to go

A travel mug or thermos is the perfect way to transport hot drinks or hot food items. Choose your favourite style of travel mug or thermos and keep a piping hot beverage with you this fall.

Water bottles keep you hydrated

Having your own water bottle means you can stay hydrated no matter where you are. You can choose all types of reusable water bottles, both big and small.

Homework help is here

Getting your homework done is easier when you have a helping hand. The latest technology makes it easy to complete homework, print it out, back it up, and present it.

Work stations and office chairs

work stations and office chairsWhen you’re setting up a study space, you want it to be functional and comfortable. You can choose from a variety of workstations with storage for your books, computer, and paperwork. A comfortable office chair is a must for long hours of hitting the books, and you can choose a stylish and comfortable office chair or a gaming chair that does double duty when you play with friends online.

Laptops help you complete back to school assignments

A great laptop is an absolute must-have for high school and college students, and it has never been so important to have one with the power and versatility to help you work almost completely online. There are a lot of options for any student depending on what classes they’re taking and what their laptop needs are.

A 2-in-1 laptop will give you a gorgeous display that rflips over for use as a laptop or a tablet, or even in tented mode. With a speedy processor and a solid-state drive providing the storage, you can work on your projects, write that term paper, and game in your downtime.

Take your tablet everywhere

tablet for continous learningA tablet is great tool for anyone in school or taking courses.

Tablets are a lightweight option that slides easily into any briefcase or messenger bag, and an Android, Apple, or Windows tablet can be used with Word and Excel so you won’t need to take your laptop. There are also many different apps you can use for note-taking, organization, and to increase your productivity.

USB and flash drives back up papers

USB Drive back to schoolSaving your files is important when in high school and college, and having a USB flash drive or portable hard drive will help make sure your homework makes it safely to school when it’s completed.

Just tap to print

When it’s time to print a term paper at 3 a.m. or you need to quickly upload a printed document and send it to your professor, a printer is essential. The latest printers connect to Wi-Fi so you can print from your phone or tablet.

Present your ideas


boards and presentationsPresenting that big paper or just showcasing your latest project to your class? Set yourself up with whiteboard and presentation tools and you’ll never stress about not being prepared.

You can choose from standard whiteboards to wireless presenters with a laser pointer to control your next slideshow.

Find every back to school supply on your list

Every class gets a list of school supplies, and you can check them all off right now by shopping the wide selection of papers, pens, and notebooks on Best Buy.

Standard back to school supplies

Crayons, markers, pencils, scissors, and loose sheet paper are all must-have school supplies for in-person and online school. They are also great to have at home.

graphing calculatorCraft and art supplies

Ask any teacher and they’ll tell you that crafting facilitates learning. Stock up on craft supplies to engage your child throughout the school year. If your teen is taking art this coming term, you’ll want to find out what type of art supplies they will need to complete their course.

Graphing calculators

A graphing calculator or scientific calculator is a must-have for high school level math, and you may want to inquire with your child’s teacher as to which functions he or she will need before you buy.

Notebooks, planners, and binders

Your high school student will need one or two binders with dividers so they can organize their classes. There are also other notebooks, planners, and smart options like Rocketbook reusable notebooks to organize your notes and your homework.


For both online and in-person classes, high school requires more than just lined paper. Don’t forget to pick up some graph paper at the beginning of the school year.

Desk organizers

It’s easier to complete your homework when your desk isn’t a mess. A desk organizer keeps your pens, paper, and other supplies neat and tidy.

Batteries are school supplies too

You may need batteries for your calculator or other devices. Stock up at the beginning of the school year and you’ll have them on hand when you need them.

Smart toys for when your kids are taking a coding class

smart toys for back to schoolIf your child is taking a coding class or part of their curriculum is learning to code, you’ll want to check out smart toys.

Smart Toys are great to have at home to help kids learn to code and learn more about science, technology, engineering, and math. They are fun, easy-to-relate-to, and they’ll never know they’re learning too.

Back to school fun

scooter for schoolBack to school doesn’t just mean endless months of studying. You can set yourself up for fun and relaxation by choosing a few fun essentials.

Kick back and play a few games

Back to school is a good time to treat yourself to a new gaming console. Knowing it’s there to enjoy during your downtime will give you the motivation to work your way through your study sessions. If you need a new TV too, you’ll have the best experience while gaming on some of the latest gaming TVs. They offer low lag, speedy refresh rates, and brilliant colour for every console you connect.

Take your stress level down a notch with outdoor gear

Sports are a great way to get in shape, but playing a game or heading outside on a scooter is also a great way to improve your mood when you need a break from school. You can choose sports equipment, bikes or scooters, or even pick up a paddleboard.

Use your downtime to learn a play an instrument

lego for back to classPlaying the guitar or keyboard is a great way to enjoy some downtime and learn a new skill. You can choose from a variety of types and sizes so your new instrument doesn’t take up a lot of space.

The latest toys mean fun for the whole family

There are a lot of different toys you can choose to make back to school more fun for your child. Lego is a popular choice for kids of all ages, and you can choose outdoor toys like scooters and hoverboards or board games for chilly fall nights.

Find everything you need for back to school 

The best way to tackle a new school year is to start early, plan ahead, and choose your school supplies at Best Buy. You can explore all of the different areas for back to school and find essentials for learning and working, essentials for fun, and essentials for elevating your space with a new look for the new school year. There are also essentials for staying in touch including chargers and smart displays you can use to chat with friends and family.

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