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If I’m not reading or learning about technology, I am making content related to technology. I’m in a perpetual state of curiosity and will never stop learning. In my spare time, I enjoy exercising and exploring the unknown.

Samsung Atmos Sound Bar Review

The Samsung Atmos home theatre system can deliver audio in 3D space for a new level of immersion. This means sound can reach you at almost any angle, height, and intensity. Has the next generation of home theatre arrived?

Samsung SUHD Series 8 TV Review

With a rapidly growing selection of content 4K content, it may be time to upgrade one the most used items in your home. This Samsung SUHD TV aims to provide the best possible picture quality for now and in the future. Is it worth it to upgrade?

Best Valentine’s gifts under $100

Finding the perfect Christmas present for your partner feels like it was just yesterday, and Valentine's Day has suddenly come out of nowhere. Fresh out of gift ideas? Fear not, here are 5 of the best Valentine's gifts under $100.

Rock-Gamer Gaming Chair Review

When playing video games one subtle movement or decision could mean the difference between dominating or being destroyed by the competition. This means focus and comfort are essential to victory. The Rock-Gamer Chair aims to deliver a supportive and responsive gaming experience, but does it deliver?

A closer look at the Celestron Powerseeker 114EQ Telescope

Exploring the stars and planets with a telescope is much easier than you would think. You don’t need a degree in astrophysics or astronomy either. The Celestron PowerSeeker is designed to provide any beginner with the power to see the universe.

TP-LINK Smart light bulb review

Home automation is becoming easier to use and more affordable. This series of TP-Link smart light bulbs aims to deliver a simple and effective lighting solution in an affordable package. Do they live up to their promises? Let's find out.

Philips Hue Starter Kit Review: The future in a box

Lighting is an essential part of our homes and it hasn't changed much since it was first invented. The Philips Hue Starter Kit aims to redefine the way we experience and interact with light. I never thought one box could transform my home in such a meaningful way. These lights are capable of providing convenience and entertainment in ways that I didn't think was possible.

Great gadgets for great tea

As a tea enthusiast, I enjoy the focus and energy that a well-crafted cup of tea can provide. While brewing tea is a delicate process, there are some great products that can help take out the guess work, and deliver an outstanding cup of tea at home and even at work.

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