Tea has been used for thousands of years around the world for its medicinal properties and its ability to provide clarity and focus. As an avid tea drinker, I have found that tea gives me energy and it enables me to continue traditions that have been passed on from each generation.

While some people enjoy an energizing boost from coffee, I find that tea allows me to relax and focus on the task at hand. It’s not a complex procedure to produce a great cup of tea either. There are many great products now available that will help you control things like temperature, brewing time, and other characteristics so you can produce a high quality cup of tea, no matter where you are.

Making tea at home

I believe tea is a drink that is meant to be shared. My earliest memories of tea come from my mom brewing tea in a large teapot so that it could be shared among friends and family. After dinner, she would place a kettle on the stove and patiently wait till the water reached a boil. She always took pride in the presentation and taste of the tea after dinner, because it was a way to show appreciation for our guest’s company. Especially after a heavy meal, I found that tea helped everyone digest, and re-energize. This helped us continue to socialize and enjoy each others company.

Thankfully, advancements in kitchen technology can now allow you to spend more time with your guests, while still providing a high quality cup of tea.

Breville One Touch Tea Maker

breville-one-touch-tea-makerThis kettle is one stop short of having a personal tea artisan in the kitchen. The amazing
thing about the Breville One Touch Tea Maker is that it will automatically submerge your tea leaves, and remove them when brewing is complete. This ensures an exceptional flavour profile and it allows you to spend more time with your guests, without having to worry about the water temperature or brewing time. Simply select the type of tea that you wish to brew and the kettle handles the rest. Seeing the tea basket magically travel into and out of the water, is an entertaining show in itself. I am still surprised that this type of automation is possible, and it’s sure to be a great conversation starter.

salton-electric-tea-makerSalton Electric Tea Maker

When entertaining guests, one of the things I constantly worry about is the temperature of the tea. At family dinners, cold tea is too easy to come by, because we are often busy laughing and talking to each other.

Unfortunately, as tea loses its temperature, it also loses its flavour and it’s not as enjoyable. If you are temperature obsessed like me, the keep warm function on this Salton Electric Tea Maker can put your mind at ease. With an integrated tea steeper, the kettle also serves as a teapot that can maintain a selected temperature for up to 30 minutes. With a feature like this, you can engage in conversation and still enjoy warm and flavourful tea.

bodum-assam-tea-pressBodum Assam Tea Press

The Bodum ASSAM Tea Press has the silhouette of a traditional teapot but maintains a modern aesthetic by having a completely transparent glass body. Whenever I brew tea in clear glass, it’s mesmerizing to watch the water change colour as the tea diffuses. Since the colour change is visible, it provides an indication for when to stop the brewing process, or when to change the tea leaves. These visual cues are crucial for brewing a great cup of tea. Whether this teapot sits full on the dinner table or is completely empty on the shelf, I can’t help but admire its striking design.

Making tea at work

When I am at work, a full teapot is unnecessary and would only lead to wasting precious tea leaves. However, brewing loose leaf tea reminds me of home, and it’s also a great way to slow down and appreciate the details in the tea making process. This is especially relaxing during a hectic day at work. In addition to the moments of relaxation that it provides, drinking tea at work also delivers a calming energy that allows me to focus. Using a single serving mug with a tea diffuser can enable you to make the perfect amount, and still retain the ritual of brewing tea.

Bodum Tea for One Setbodum-tea-for-one-set

My desk is dominated by a carefully curated selection of technology. I take pride in
surrounding myself with, and using gadgets that look modern and feel great. Needless to say, a mug from a radio station giveaway, would look out of place on my desk.

The Bodum Tea for One Set aims to blend into a modern work environment with its double walled glass enclosure. This makes it appear as if the tea is floating within the cup, and it protects your hands from the hot tea inside. The lid keeps the tea warm, and it also serves as place to rest the diffuser when the tea has fully steeped. I can appreciate that every part of the design has a purposeful function, a trait that is common with all of my favorite gadgets. With this tea set, you can enjoy the perfect amount of tea in a visually appealing package.

A well-crafted cup of tea can deliver clarity and energy that can be shared or enjoyed individually. Whether it’s sharing tea to honour guests, or devoting attention and care to the process, I am proud to continue the customs that were taught to each generation. While these products certainly make it easier and more convenient to make a high quality cup of tea, they still allow you to appreciate the details within a great tea drinking experience. It is awesome to see that no matter the situation or environment, you can still enjoy a good cup of tea without sacrificing taste or tradition.

David Manuntag
If I’m not reading or learning about technology, I am making content related to technology. I’m in a perpetual state of curiosity and will never stop learning. In my spare time, I enjoy exercising and exploring the unknown.