valentines-under-100-coverValentine’s Day is an opportunity to show your partner that you appreciate them like no one else. That’s why I’ve curated a list of the best Valentine’s gifts under $100, so you can treat your partner with the attention they deserve on this romantic holiday. Since it’s easy to fall into the cliché of flowers and chocolate, let’s try some ideas that can deliver special experiences that you can share together.

Best Valentine’s gift for the Sweet Tooth



Create delicious and healthy treats that satisfy

Enjoying decedent frozen treats with my girlfriend is definitely a guilty pleasure that I really enjoy while curling up for a binge on Netflix. But once the sugar wears off, we realize the guilt from all the calories that we mindlessly consumed. The Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker is perfect for making almost any custom frozen treat in 25 minutes. This can enable you to make healthier versions of your partner’s favourite ice cream, frozen yogurt, or sorbet. Since you make the dessert from scratch, everything from the amount of sugar to the protein content is in your control. Simply add the liquid base and any chopped ingredients like fresh fruit or cookies, for flavour and texture. The rotating bowl and mixing arm will then churn the mixture to create a smooth and creamy dessert. With the ability to use a wide range of fresh ingredients, you and your partner will have limitless options when it comes to creating tasty frozen treats together.


Best Valentine’s gifts for the Entertainment Enthusiast 


Watch the clearest and most vibrant movies on date night

Streaming movies, documentaries and TV shows, has become a staple activity for my girlfriend and I. We especially have fun discussing all of the details during the show and analyzing them afterwards. The Google Chromecast Ultra can deliver 4K Ultra High Definition to any compatible TV. This means your partner can enjoy the best possible picture quality available. At first, I was skeptical about 4K, but after spending time watching Netflix and YouTube in 4K, the amount of detail is incredible. It feels like looking through a window into another world, and creates an immersive experience. One of my favourite features of the Chromecast, is the ability to beam content from any mobile device. The beaming feature comes in handy when we are trying to find something to watch. This is because it enables the both of us to search for content on our own devices and quickly narrow down our top picks. Once we finally choose something to watch, we simply select it on the mobile device and it automatically plays on the TV. This tiny but powerful streaming device can deliver an amazing movie night for the both of you to enjoy.


Explore new worlds together

Virtual Reality can be a completely immersive and fun experience. It could also be surprisingly enjoyable to watch your partner react to virtual things in another world. The Freefly VR Headset can provide your partner with a comfortable and engaging VR experience. This VR headset is unique because it offers breathable padding around the eyes and an adjustable strap, providing comfy VR sessions. The headset is compatible with almost any mobile device and can adjust to accommodate different screen sizes. Since my girlfriend is a fan of underwater sea animals, I can imagine her having a blast with the 360-degree aquatic video collection. With a growing library of immersive 360-degree video and VR games, there will be many ways for your partner to enjoy VR. This headset could be great for any partner that enjoys the latest technology and isn’t afraid of trying new experiences.


Best Valentine’s gift for the Forgetful 



Help your partner save time

There is so much to like and appreciate about my partner, but if there is one quirk that brings the frustration, it’s her ability to easily forget things. Whether it’s the keys, purse, or phone, at least one of them goes missing before we head out the door. Fortunately, the Tile Mate Item Tracker is an easy solution that can help your partner find their misplaced belongings. The trackers easily attach to any set of keys and can be stored in a purse, wallet, or backpack. Your partner’s items can be tracked and organized using the Tile mobile app on their smartphone. If one of these items gets lost within the home, a distinct audible tone will emit from the tracker, enabling you to easily find the item. The tiles can also remind you if you leave home without the tracked item. I can imagine this feature preventing the classic “Oops I forgot…we have to go back” scenario. These item trackers can help your partner find things faster, and prevent the frustration that the both of you may experience when something goes missing.


Best Valentine’s gift for the Music Lover 


Give your romantic ambiance a boost

My partner and I really enjoy listening to music together on our wireless speaker. Since we have different tastes, we usually take turns playing our favourites. This is fun because it’s an opportunity to share our musical interests with one another. With the Sony SRS-XB2 you can listen to music with your partner anywhere in the house or on the go. This portable and water resistant speaker is designed to be easily used almost anywhere. The battery lasts up to 12-hours on single charge, allowing you to listen to music for the whole day. Having a wireless speaker can provide a delightful source of background music, and increase the romantic mood of the evening. Whether used for romantic ambiance or to jam out with your partner, this Bluetooth speaker is a great Valentine’s day gift for any music lover.

Giving gifts to your partner doesn’t really matter if you don’t consider how the gift can improve their day or create new experiences. The resulting moments that you can share, is what makes the best Valentine’s gifts special. Taking some time to consider their interests and ways you can spend time together, can go a long way. The gift ideas mentioned above were chosen based on their ability to create a shared activity, and to also acknowledge your common interests. This Valentine’s day, let’s go beyond the boring and tired gift ideas,  by delivering a thoughtful present to show appreciation to your partner.

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