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Best Buy is one of Canada’s largest and most successful retailers, operating the Best Buy (www.bestbuy.ca), Best Buy Mobile, and Geek Squad (www.geeksquad.ca) brands.

CES 2016: Announcements and highlights

It’s the most wonderful time of year, and for the tech enthusiasts out there, you know that brings another gadget-filled extravaganza that showcases and shapes the future of the industry: the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Best Buy Canada has all the action from the annual event right here on the Plug-in blog.

Geek Squad appliance repair launches in Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver

Geek Squad is now able to do in-home repairs for major appliance and televisions. This program is being introduced in Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver. If you live in these areas of Canada, and have a major appliance that requires servicing, then contact Geek Squad.  Read on for more details:

Best Buy is the place to shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2015

Holiday shopping hasn’t really begun until the deals are revealed for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Here are all the details that you will need to know to ensure that you have a great shopping experience at Best Buy during this busy season.

Top toys for 2015 at Best Buy

This year is the best in a long time for new toys.  Many amazing toys have been announced this year, so it’s likely that you aren’t even aware of all that is now available.  Bestbuy.ca is always a great destination for toys, with a huge selection and amazingly fast shipping.  Also, we have been reviewing many of these toys on the blog, so you can learn what they can do and make a more informed decision this holiday season.  Here is a summary of some of the top toys of 2015:

Best Buy Canada Named Best Omni-Channel Retailer at 2015 Canada Post Awards

We know that Canadians love to shop with convenience, which is exactly what an omni-channel shopping experience presents to the customer. At Best Buy Canada, we’ve worked to create a seamless experience for you, whether you’re shopping online, through a mobile device, or in our stores.

Be a Blue Shirt for the Holidays: join our team!

Salut! I’m Dominique, and I’m proud to be a Blue Shirt. Blue Shirt is the term we use for any team member in our retail division—our front line “face of the company.” We’re looking to onboard over a THOUSAND people to share the Best Buy shopping experience during the holidays, and we want the best! If you are interested in becoming a Blue Shirt, then read on for more details.

A Touch of Colour

On Cityline, our experts often talk about how our viewers need to take more chances with their décor, fashion and hair and beauty regimes. You will never find me purchasing a blue sofa, but I sure will cuddle up with a brightly patterned throw cushion or listen to my music blasting from a bright blue Bose. And I’m not alone.

Easy Fit(ness) with activity trackers

How about taking your fitness outside the home? Nope—not the gym. Think about getting an activity tracker.

Living Lux: comfort is a worthwhile pursuit

You know how they say opposites attract? I’d say that’s definitely the case with me and my husband. He grew up Roman Catholic and has a real chip on his shoulder when it comes to doing things the easy way. He believes a dollar saved is a dollar earned (read: he’s frugal), it’s better to skimp on heat and air conditioning when possible and discomfort is not necessarily a bad thing. I disagree wholeheartedly! I like comfort. Is it so wrong to crave a good Downton Abbey binge-watching session on the lap top in 300 thread count sheets?  I think not. In fact, I think as busy moms, surrounding ourselves in comfort is a worthwhile pursuit.

Get Your Sweat On

I love fitness. Please don’t stop reading! I’m not bragging. I’m just setting you up for the heartbreak and disappointment I felt when I had kids and realized there were zero minutes left in the day to work out. You may have come to the same conclusion. So what’s a mom to do? Get creative … fast.

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