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Logitech Harmony Hub and Hub Based Remotes Overview

Logitech Harmony Hub  and Hub Based Remotes Overview


Do away with remote control clutter! Harmony Hub-based Remotes (including Harmony Hub, Harmony Companion, Harmony Ultimate Home and Harmony Elite) are a breeze to set up, simple to use, and can control over 270,000 home entertainment and smart home devices.

With a Harmony, you can combine up to 15 remotes and countless apps into one elegant, simple for everyone to use, universal controller.

Prefer to keep your smartphone handy? With Harmony Hub remotes, you can add the power of a universal remote to your phone or tablet (iOS® /Android™ only). Using the companion app you can change channels and control volume, select up to 50 favourite channels for quick recall, or trigger multi-device activities, even when you’re away from home.



Universal remotes used to be complicated and require a computer programming degree to program. Not anymore. Harmony Hub remotes are ultra-easy. Just download the Harmony app, and then have the remote autoscan for devices. You’re going to be set up in minutes.

Harmony Hub universal remotes also put the power of the internet into your hands. From anywhere in the world, you can turn the PVR on and never miss a game. Did someone make the news? Set up a remote recording so you can watch it later.

With one-touch actions and Custom Activities, Harmony Hub remotes help you navigate and group devices into custom experiences so you can trigger activities at a certain time of day.  You can even create shortcuts for your favourite channels or Netflix, or to go directly to your gaming console.


Control your entire home entertainment experience with just your voice

By now you know voice control is coming to everything, and you can trigger any number of devices, just by asking. Your Harmony Hub remotes also have the power of voice. Just say “Ok, Google.” Or “Alexa!” to trigger an activity and ask Harmony will take care of the rest: to turn on your devices, switch inputs, turn on the surround sound, lower your window shades, or even set your lights.

Whether you want to say, “Alexa, tell Harmony to turn on the CBC,” or “OK, Google, tell Harmony to set a sleep timer for one hour from now,” you’ve got control over your TV and entertainment and smart home devices with just your voice.

Best of all, Harmony Hub remotes also allow you to hide away all your components to keep a clean look at home. The remote uses Infra Red (IR), Wi-Fi or Bluetooth wireless signals so you can hide away the cables and receivers and control everything from behind closed cabinets and doors.



Smart home powers are growing at a rapid pace, but it can be tedious to whip out your smartphone, and navigate among many apps just to turn the lights on, or power up the TV. With Harmony Hub remotes, you can link your smart home devices and control your whole smart home universe.

Harmony works with over 270,000 home entertainment and smart home devices so you can gain control of them with just a single-touch.

Want to trigger the cable box? No problem. Need to dial up your gaming console or Blu-ray player? It’s done. Maybe you want to control your smart home lights and set them just right for movie night? Harmony Hub remotes can do it because they’re designed to work with almost any device, including Sonos, Apple TV, IFTTT, SmartThings, Hue, Ecobee, Samsung, Roku, Nest, LIFX. For the full list of Harmony-enabled devices click here.


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