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QardioCore Wireless ECG Heart Monitor Overview

QardioCore Wireless ECG Heart Monitor Overview


Whether you’re in perfect health and want to keep track of your heart performance, an athlete, or have concerns, the QardioCore Wireless ECG Heart Monitor can be a useful companion.

It’s a patchless and wireless ECG monitor that’s worn around your chest, under your clothes, to monitor heart performance, including continuous ECG, heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV) as well as other related data. It’s comfortable enough to wear daily, or just put it on when you’re working out.

The wireless, medical-grade device provides continuous ECG monitoring, so you can check sports performance, or keep on top of chronic heart conditions.

The app tracks key heart health metrics from both the QardioCore, and can also be used with other connected Qardio products, like QardioArm blood pressure monitor or QardioBase 2 smart scale. With QardioCore, you can share your heart rate data in real-time with a doctor.


At the office, lying in bed at home, or working out, you can get real-time ECG monitoring anytime, anywhere with the QardioCore wireless ECG heart monitor. 

What’s more, heart performance is recorded with medical precision, since the QardioCore is medical-grade. So you can trust the data you’re supplied with, and react accordingly. That might mean slowing down your workout, ramping up, making note of irregularities, or contacting a medical professional with any concerns.


Since the QardioCore is wireless, as well as splash- and rain-resistant, you can wear it pretty much anywhere.

It fits around your chest comfortably, so you can throw on a button-down shirt to head to the office, or workout gear for the gym. Since it offers continuous tracking, you can keep a watchful eye, through the free Qardio App, as you go about your daily life. Or wear it whenever you’re about to engage in a high intensity workout, bike ride, or morning run.

There’s no need for professional fitting: it’s easy to put on, straight out of the box.


In addition to monitoring your ECG/EKG and heart rate, the QardioCore also measures heart rate variability, to see how much variation there is in your heartbeats, along with skin temperature, respiratory rate, and activity.

All of this data combined can paint an accurate picture of your heart health on a daily basis, or while you are engaged in sports activities. This little chest-worn device is a heart monitor, sports performance monitor, activity monitor, and wireless ECG monitor.

Combined with the Qardio App, QardioCore offers a full 360-degree, real-time monitoring of your heart health in one portable easy to use device.


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