Modern computing accessories like Seagate storage solutions help boost productivity and security and are great for anyone who works from home. Some people want an ultra portable solution like the One Touch SSD that is light-weight and compact yet still able to store a lot of information. Others prefer a massive Firecuda Gaming Dock with the super fast Thunderbolt 3 connection to get the data to and from your computer with minimal delay, you know Seagate is a great option to handle your data. This contest has both options available as prizes: one winner will get the portable solution, one winner will get the high-capacity solution.

Seagate protects you from putting all your eggs in one basket

Idioms are beautiful language tools that, among other things, enable us to address complex topics in simple terms that are accessible to everyone. The idiom above about eggs in a basket is a great example: the eggs are your data; the basket is the harddrive in your computer; the risk is to lose all data if that one storage location fails or falls or is stolen, etc.

Industry experts have been advising people for decades to back up data. There was a time when that meant using multiple floppy disks; now it is much easier thanks to the options like those from Seagate.

How much storage do you need?

More than you think, is the short answer. If your data is mostly word files, pdfs, some image, for a small family or small business, then get 500 GB or 1 TB. This amount of storage is available in very small packages these days: like the Ultra Portable prize offered in this contest. Learn more about this prize in this article on the blog.

If you are a gamer and you need storage for huge game files, game downloads, or video files, then you need at least a couple terabytes and this contest has a 4TB prize that will serve your needs. I actually sent this product to Dave Neufeld for a review from a gamers viewpoint, and to Brad Moon for a review from a productivity viewpoint. Dave found that as a gamer, this was the ultimate epicenter of his gaming setup. Brad, however, suggested that you might not get the most from this unless you regularly managed large files, and had a computer capable of capitalizing on the high data transfer rates from the Firecuda.

So think about it: how much storage do you think you really need in your home? That’s the question to answer.

How to enter

Entering is easy but you can only enter once. In a comment below, tell us how much storage you think would be ideal in your home to backup data on your computers. Is 500GB enough or do you need a lot more?

What you can win

At the end of this contest we will draw two winners. One will win the 500GB One Touch SSD and the other will win the 4TB Seagate Firecuda Gaming Dock.

This contest runs from April 1st to April 15th

Remember you can only enter once. However, you probably have a friends or perhaps someone in your family who should backup their data more often. Tell them about the contest so they too have a chance to win.

Win Seagate Storage Contest Rules and Regulations

Good luck.


  1. I got Xbox Game Pass, and my kids keep downloading. 500G was gone in no time!
    A couple extra TB would be great!

  2. 500 gigs would be just at the borderline of enough and Not enough, considering a move around a lot and leave my computer running 24/7 to have access to it and my files I do think that having more than 500 GB is needed, but 500 GB to backup the essentials wouldnt be okay

  3. I think 10 TB of storage would be ideal in my home to backup data on my computers. 500GB is definitely not enough and I need a lot more.

  4. I need all data storage I can get my hands on. You’d think 500GB will be enough until your wife uses it all up just for photos and videos.

  5. I need all data storage I can get my hands on. You’d think 500GB will be enough until your wife uses it all up just for photos and videos.

  6. 4TB would be good for now but my photography will have me ever expanding to make sure all my raws are backed up

  7. At this point 500 GB would be enough for photos and videos but I am amazed at how quickly memory is filled so in the future I would need more.

  8. Hi there. I think my household would need approximately 1 Terabyte of additional storage. I have family photos and videos that I want to store and save for my children.

  9. My media files ALONE is half of one terabyte, so a 500 GB drive is nowhere near enough for everything to be backed up. The more TBs, the merrier – lets go with 2 TBs for the essentials as a starting point.

  10. With 3 gamers and 2 students in the house, the computer gets a workout. While 1Tb probably more than enough for now, I’m sure more would be a good investment!

  11. 4 tb would be a good choice! With a gamer, streamer, animator in the house, the desktop can only do so much before having to clean up and delete to make room for new stuff! This would be amazing.

  12. The 500 GB One Touch SSD sounds ideal: A way for me to store vital files and add redundancy off the cloud.

  13. My laptop storage is already 500 GB, so I would definitely need more than 500 GB. 2 TB would probably suffice.

  14. I think we would need the 4TB because of my husband’s work and also because I have a lot of videos.

  15. 500GB would be fine, but more would be welcome for all the family photos, vacations and videos I need storing.

    • I think 500GB would be a good start for me at home but now my son who’s a serious gamer would definitely need the 4TB.

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