The new Samsung 34" WQHD Curved Gaming Monitor wants to be your one stop monitor solution. Can it be the center of your gaming universe? Here's my take!

A great viewing experience, and features such as Harman Kardon speakers and Qi wireless charging base, make the Asus MX34V a great monitor to consider.

Looking for a new monitor, as you explore the exciting possibilities of console eSports? Check out this review of the new BenQ Zowie gaming monitor.

Recently I got my hands on Samsung's new 24" Curved Gaming Monitor featuring Quantum Dot technology, and let me tell you, it is impressive. If you're thinking about getting a new gaming monitor and want one that offers crisp, colourful visuals and top-tier gaming performance with no compromise, than look no further than Samsung's latest curved gaming monitor.

So many pixels! The future of digital content is going to be broadcast in 4K, and you need the right monitor to see it all. Use this Q & A to help make the jump to 4K.

When it comes to sitting down in front of your computer, the more screen real estate you have, the better—especially if you have more than one monitor. Here’s how to set up multiple monitors for your computer.

The BenQ 32" 4K LED Monitor strikes the right balance between providing amazing professional functionality and being a dependable day to day monitor.

 Computer monitors, like television sets, have undergone a huge revolution in design and technological innovation over the past 10 years. The ASUS ProArt series of monitors are great examples of how fantastic they have become. They have a stunning 4K resolution and ultra-fast refresh rates so photographs and video are brilliantly clear and realistic. Any photography or video professional would love to work on this monitor. Editing using one of these monitors is easier than ever; the results are more precise too. Enter this contest on Facebook and you can nominate a photographer or videographer you know to win one of these monitors.

 It’s rare that I get a product from Best Buy that I feel anxiety about sending back, but the Philips BDM4350UC is in exactly that category. It’s far too big for my custom desk, and I need a much more powerful computer to get the most out of it, but it’s very much living in that space. A 43” 4K IPS monitor that looks beautiful and really performs … I definitely don’t want to send this back. Read on to find out more.

 With its wide panoramic 34″ display, wide colour range and curved display, is the ASUS 34″ Republic of Gamers monitor the ultimate gamer experience? The 21:9 aspect ratio will have you thinking about how to position this screen while the plasma copper and armor titanium accents are going to have you thinking this monitor is from the future. Is it? Read on to find out…


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