4K TV? Check. Sound bar? Check. 4K Blu-ray player? Definitely. Luxurious place to relax and enjoy that top quality entertainment? No?

You’re not alone.

As many people build a home theatre, the focus is often on the components and technology, not on where you’ll sit to watch your hyper-realistic and vibrantly colourful videos.

How to choose home theatre seating

Before you start shopping for seating, consider how you like to watch TV and movies. Do you put on a flick while you’re puttering around the room? Do you like to stretch out and be comfy? Or are you on alert while gaming on a big screen? Assess how you’ll be using the area.

Is this a man cave or a family room?

If you’ve built a dedicated getaway room, you only need to worry about yourself, but if your home theatre will also play host to family movie night, you’ll want to consider all the options. Ideally, there’s a good and comfortable seat in the house for every member of the family.

Home theatre seating styles

It’s possible to build an outstanding, elite level home theatre in many price ranges. If you’re going big budget, crafting risers in the floor is a good place to start, then you can set power, reclining leather home theatre seats on top. For those with smaller budgets, varying styles of single chairs can be comfy and practical too.

Choose powered home theatre stadium seating

Octane makes row-style theatre seating so everyone can have a front row seat. Similarly, Valencia Home Theatre Seating has configurable options so you can build a loveseat for two, a single man cave-esque captain’s chair, or rows of comfy powered reclining seats.

Dedicated home theatre seating also often has soft LED lighting built in, plus cupholders and options to add tables, trays and even an iPad or tablet holder. Because they’re configurable, you can add as many as you need and even grow your rows down the road.

Bean Bag chairs: kid approved

If supreme-level home theatre seats will be lost on your kids, get them something fun instead. Bean Bag chairs are comfortable, fun and provide many different options for kids to watch movies the way they want.

You can choose something with some structure, like this base and back style, or get something the kids can mold to their whims, like a bag or pillow-style chair.

These ones by Fatboy have an ultra durable cover that means easy cleanup, and no explosions of pillow filling, no matter how rowdy the kids get.

Accent chairs for home theatre

If you only need a limited or temporary place to park your butt because you like to putter, an accent chair can provide a place to sit when you need it, or can act as extra seating for visitors.  You can get plush classic styles, or thrill design buffs with the classic comfort of an Eames Lounge chair (below)for a home theatre as stylish as it is cozy.

Sofa, so good

For some, nothing beats a classic sofa. Stretching out on the couch and putting on your favourite shows, or binge watching Netflix is made easier when you can stretch out. A sofa with a chaise, like this one, is a good pick since it gives you options for sitting, or reclining.

While you’re at it, make sure you’ve got a place to set some snacks down if you don’t have cupholders in your stadium-style theatre seats. A small table like this one can provide much needed surface area for drinks and remote controls.

Whichever way you like to get comfy in your home theatre, you’ve got options at Best Buy. Check out the full selection of seating, home theatre chairs and accessories.

Erin Lawrence
Editor TV and Home Theatre
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