BenQ TK850i 4K projector imageWith a BenQ Tk850i 4K projector, you’ll be able to have the movie theatre experience you’ve been craving in your home. Watch the best movies of the past year as they were meant to be seen—on a very big screen in 4K! Set it up in a few minutes, then sit for hours in your own personal movie theatre. Read on to find out how you can have a chance to win one of these amazing projectors from BenQ and Best Buy.

Have you missed movie night at the theatre?

I was watching the recent Golden Globes and was surprised to realize that I hadn’t watched any of the movies that were up for prizes. I love movies and usually have seen the top contenders for a movie prize at this time of year. However, over the past year theatres have been closed … and when I watch a movie for the first time, I prefer to see it on a big screen. I had seen most of the Netflix series … and of course had totally loved Schitt’s Creek (and it won for best comedy). But I have been missing out on movies.

Are you like me? Then this is your opportunity. The BenQ TK850i will enable you to project a huge image on a wall or a screen right in your home. I owned a project many years ago and loved having a big screen experience. The prize in this contest, however, doesn’t just produce a big image. It creates a big movie experience with brightness and resolution (did I mention 4K!) that makes the images come alive, just like it does in a movie theatre.

BenQ will make all your viewing unforgettable

The BenQ TK850i 4K Projector makes any viewing better. We sent this projector to writer Andy Baryer for an honest review. He showed how fast it is to set up and how amazing the projected image is for a wide range of content, including streaming directly to the machine thanks to its build in Android TV. He even showed how to use your voice to tell Google Assistant what you want to watch. Read his review, and watch his video review for a great demonstration of throw distance, setting up Android TV and more; then return here to learn how to enter the contest.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter once below this article and once below Andy Baryer’s review article. In a comment, tell us why you want this BenQ projector and at least one new movie you would love to watch on the big screen produced by this projector.

What you can win

At the end of this contest, we’ll randomly select one eligible entry to win a new BenQ TK850i 4K projector.

This contest runs from March 2nd to March 16th.

Remember you can only enter once below this article and once below the review article about the projector we are giving away in this contest. However, do you know anyone who loves movies and has been missing the theatre experience. Call them; tell them what movie you said you want to watch on the big screen; then, suggest them enter this contest so they too hav a chance to win this amazing prize.

Win a BenQ 4K home theatre projector Contest Rules and Regulations

Good Luck

Martin Renaud
Editor in Chief
Martin loves working with the talented editors and writers on the Best Buy Blog as Editor-in-Chief. During his spare time he is either working on his next novel, cooking up a masterpiece in the kitchen, or adding some smart tech to his new home on Mayne Island in British Columbia.


  1. This contest is now closed. We will draw the winners soon in accordance with the rules. Return to the blog often to read great articles, learn about the latest technology, and to enter more contests. You never know when we’ll be doing another amazing giveaway!

  2. I would love this projector as my family has always wanted one in the basement area so we can watch our movies and shows together and be super comfy! We will be watching falcon and the winter soldier and Zack Snyder’s justice league.

  3. Would love this for my family and to be able to escape the lock down and stress of covid and go back to a time where we can enjoy our selves by going to the movies by have a movie theatre like experience. I would love to watch the new Spider-Man movie on this!!

  4. This projector would be perfect on that large wall of my basement. Rewatch Game of Thrones in large form or blast some music to have a private life size live concert video

  5. I’d love this BenQ projector because it would give me back all the space taken up by our TV. I’m looking forward to watching Nomadland.

  6. I want this BenQ projector because it is easy to set-up and the images are bright and clear. I would watch the movie Let Him Go.

  7. I want this projector because I would like to watch hockey with family and friends. One new movie I would like to watch is the Snyder Cut.

  8. Would love to host a movie night in the park. Not sure what movie, but I’d keep it PG: Dora the Explorer or Zootopia

  9. I would love the BenQ projector to watch movies with my family in our home! and at least one new movie you would love to watch on the big screen produced by this projector. We would watch Raya the last Dragon and The Little Things!

  10. I would love to upgrade all of my viewing entertainment and this Ben Q projector would definitely make watching everything better. The first new movie I would watch would be Godzilla vs. Kong

  11. I’d love to win this to take to my parents cottage on the lake. It’s very secluded, so we could set it up outside against one of the outside walls during the summer while lounging on inner tubes on the lake without disturbing anyone.

  12. Would love a chance to see this projector in action, miss seeing all these amazing films on a large screen! Would be awesome see Avengers Endgame on the big screen or Black Widow once that finally releases and comes to home media

  13. We were just planning a backyard movie night and this would be perfect! I really want to show Minari 🙂

  14. I would love to have a movie night in the yard with the grand kids. This projector would be perfect for that.
    Of course we would be watching whatever movie they kids want to watch.

  15. I have broken many glasses each time I would get a new pair. I got a long room, so I need to be close to the tv. I also painted my walls white. I’d be perfect with my console and the streaming services.

  16. A 4K projector wow! I cannot begin to fathom the intimacy such a device will bring to me and my girlfriend in our small apartment. I’m told that the 4k view is like looking through a window. If that is so, then I’m in desperate need of a window in my living room. I believe the first movie we would rewatch would be inception. It’s a great movie!

  17. My family especially my kids would live this projector as they already miss watching movies on the the big screens because of the pandemic restrictions. They’re just staying at home right now and doing virtual learning. They get bored sometimes so this would really give them excitement to watch the new movie Raya and the last dragon.

  18. My dream is to add this projector on my home video system. Its an awesome experience to have it and play black widow. Also since spring is coming it will great to setup outside on our backyard put some fire on the bucket and a bbq with some corn and smores, plus an ice cold beer.

  19. I want this Ben Q projector to watch movies on the weekend with my husband.
    The movie I would love to watch is Wonder Women 1984.

  20. For watch movie and play video game on super large screen. I would watch new justice league Zack Snyder’s cut.

  21. To own a projector is a dream for me since I was a child. Our family couldn’t afford one when I was in India but now I’ve worked a lot to come to a position here in Canada but still I’m not able to get one. Having this would really make me n my wife joyous because we enjoy movies and shows a lot.

  22. This would be amazing for movies on the back deck under the stars. The kids would love it, like going to the drive in but at home. Lots of popcorn, snacks and blankets. Sounds like the perfect way to watch Black Widow, the next marvel release.

  23. Need this for my lil girls been a while we had a movie night…soul is the movie they would to to watch with daddy on this projector

  24. This projector would be amazing for my family room and would be very vivid for one of my favourite movies Hunt for Red October

  25. This Ben Q projector would be amazing to take with me when I move out since I don’t have a TV yet and I would watch Without Remorse

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